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Well, Here we go again!

I have been putting this off for a while, but since it is summer now, the time to get this going is now. If you haven’t been keeping up with me, you can catch me on this Facebook Page or this Twitter Page.

Since I am no longer working in radio, I have a limited income so it was with a heavy heart I had to allow my website hosting account that I have kept for over a decade go late last year. I lost all the data on those sites, as well as most of my blogs, and several other sites I maintained. It is my new reality. I quickly moved my URL’s to a site hosted by a site I used to work at back in the day at which has been turned to a free website hosting site, so I still had a website.

I will begin posting new blogs in the next few days. I have been busy with school, but that is not why I have not been blogging. The main reason I got away from it is because I felt I need to get away from blogging because it seemed all I was doing was acting like the right wing talk talents that have to find always have some target to bitch about. That is not the kind of person I am. It is not why I blog.

To be honest, part of the issue is that I allowed someone I respected (I intentionally used PAST TENSE there) to get under my skin. He was pissed I refused to bend to his will and kiss his ass, so he insulted me in from of some former co-workers because I used to share my adventures with you here on my old site. He acted like a high school bully picking on the geeks and unpopular kids. While I blew it off at the time, it stuck in the back of my head. Once I got sick, then disabled, and finally homeless, I promised myself I would show him and all the other morons out there I could do that type of broadcasting too.

I am not ashamed of what I did on the blog, or on my show(s) I did back on, but that is not the type of broadcasting I choose to do. I can be another conservative talking head, but I prefer to entertain, not lecture, not just go along so I can be on TV. I spoke my mind back then, and I truly believe what I said back then.

This will be different, but don’t get it twisted. I will still talk about the things that catch my attention. I will talk about the political things that are shaping our future. The difference is, I will be more me when I do it. I will be the sarcastic, smartass, quick witted,  and foul mouthed person you all know and love AGAIN! I’m not saying that if a topic is serious I won’t talk about it, but it will not be the only thing that I will do.

I’m still setting up the site, so you will see new material added little by little. I’ve got to add all my ads, and intergrate more of my social media, but I’m starting. Thanks for reading.