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Just some quick thoughts

There is so much going on right now figured I’d give you my take on some of the things happening. I’m not going to take these in any particular order. Read, enjoy, drop me a note on Twitter or Facebook if you want to comment.

Let me address the elephant in the room: My thoughts on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Glad she is getting to fulfill a lifelong dream. I don’t think the Olympic medals won when Bruce competed should be taken away, period. I do not think these events makes Jenner a hero, nor would I advise someone to partake that path in life. I find it unacceptable that anyone that disagrees with these choices are considered homophobic or evil. Finally, I think ESPN is exploiting this person for ratings, as is E! Television and Ryan Seacrest, for ratings and greed.

Another thing that got me is the reaction to the two murders that were discovered in the New Orleans area along I-10 in the past few weeks. There was a backlash on social media accusing the local media of covering up, and then failing to investigate the possibility that the murders were connected, and/or may be the work of a serial killer. With the investigative journalist we have in this area, if that was even slightly possible, it would have been completely vetted in short order. I saw one journalist I know ask publicly if this was being looked into and another start to blow a gasket on social media because a cover-up was being suggested. We now know that one person allegedly jumped from a vehicle at 60 MPH on the interstate to get away from a boyfriend that had allegedly beaten and was in the process of kidnapping her. I try not to get caught up in the accusations thrown around social media by “armchair experts” that have few facts nor a true grasp of reality. This type of pressure on social media for instant resolution of complex issues has caused some poor judgement by politically motivated leaders in other parts of the country. I am glad in this case the truth was quickly discovered, and justice is being served.

Another local issue that has disturbed me is the three ring circus surrounding the trial of Terry Speaks. He is the man accused of murdering and dismembering Jaren Lockhart before dumping her body in the Gulf of Mexico. This guy seems to be represented by the legal team of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe. They are throwing every possible legal pleading imaginable out there to see what sticks. None of it will work. This guy has watched way too many episodes Matlock, Perry Mason, and Boston Legal.

Finally, I will end this thing talking about something fun, at least for me. I thought the TV media had learned its lesson after the world famous “wardrobe malfunction” during the Superbowl Halftime show several years ago. I remember how radio stations around the country scrambled to put in audio delays to avoid something vulgar leaking out unintentionally. Why in the world was the NBA Finals being run without a delay? LeBron James had a “wardrobe malfunction” this week during the game and “Little LBJ” decided to say hi to the millions and million of viewers at home. It has been joked about all week. Why is LeBron’s penis not getting people as worked up as Janet Jackson’s nipple?? I don’t understand.