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The Donald isn’t Ducking The White House

First, let me say that my thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by Tropical Storm Bill. I know it is not a Category 5 Hurricane, but the path Bill is taking is one that has already had a ton of recent rainfall, so this system will only complicate the already bad situation. Hopefully the system will be out of the area soon and they will get some time for things to dry out.


The big political news today is that Donald Trump is now officially a Republican candidate for president. Media pundits have already tried to pull him apart. I love the fact that the first thing they attack is he doesn’t have a speech writing team polishing everything he says. He is brash, loud, and making suggestions the talking heads have immediately discounted as completely impossible to achieve. While they feel this is a joke, or a publicity stunt (HELLO, this is DONALD TRUMP! He has no NEED for MORE publicity!), or my favorite media insight, “He’s doing this because he is bored.” 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I honestly think that if he takes this seriously and actually wins the nomination, then then the presidency that it would be a matter of days after he took office before a giant flashing Trump sign would adorn The White House’s front lawn. Is he really making a run? Who the hell knows, but it should make the next several month of politics entertaining to say the least.


Here’s an idea, if he gets weeded out of the Republican nomination process, will he pull a Ross Perot and finance a run as an independent? He has the one thing Perot didn’t, great name recognition nationwide.He could really flip the script on the entire process.

To all these high strung talking heads, I can only say you really need to strap in for the long haul. I am not an expert in presidential politics, but my gut tells me this has happened because Trump did not see anyone else in the field he felt could disrupt the democratic coronation of Hillary. I honestly think he will be in this until the election no matter if he gets the Republican nomination or not, for that one reason alone. Obama’s policies have made Trump lose money, and The Donald is not going to sit by and let things get worse just to allow us to be graced with the first woman president in the United States.


Got to watch some more of the events from E3 which is going on all week in Los Angeles. I am a gamer, have been since I was a kid. I remember playing pong on that first generation console as a kid. I had the Atari and bought a new game every time I could save the money. Bought my first NES not too long after I moved into my own place, and Brunella bought me the Super Nintendo the Christmas after it came out. I mention all this to tell you my interest in the upcoming releases is not something new, nor is it me trying to gain cool points with my teenagers.


This is our 3rd year geeking out on the week of E3. We don’t watch every showcase from every provider, but the makers of Logan, Lia, and my favorite games are a  can’t miss. I’ve already explained our obsession with Bethesda Softworks (Makers or DOOM, Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, and Fallout).

three-seconds-of-doom-shown-in-t skyrim-soundtrack-1600x1600-1359653369 dishonored-protagonist-wallpaper img_7035


We also have the complete game/movie collection of Hitman. Another favorite of the whole family is Assassin’s Creed, which Logan and I have each individually played the entire story mode of every release. Logan goes more for straight up kamikaze (blow up everything). I go for the more subtle sneak in and only take out the ones in the way approach.

404263-hitmancover ACS_Box_art_20150512_1830cet-720x903


We have watched these presentations with glee as they are either releasing higher resolution versions of our favorite games for PS4, XBox One, and PC, or Like with Fallout, Hitman, DOOM, and Elder Scrolls; they are expanding their online gaming platforms and bringing whole new experiences to us soon. I know Logan wants a PS4 for Christmas, but Fallout 4 is coming in October. I am not sure if I can wait that long to play it.