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Social media has gone plaid

I got to my computer about an hour ago, and I have to admit I am a bit befuddled. I am seeing a disturbing set of trends that I hope will settle down before it gets completely out of hand. I will discuss them one at a time. I feel this will better clarify my point of view on several issues. I am not changing my overall view, but I know this is new information for some people that have not been a visitor of my earlier blogs, broadcasts, or just don’t know me well.

Let’s start with yesterday’s Supreme Court decision regarding gay marriage. While yes, the decision will require all 50 state governments to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples in the near future, this does not mean that churches will be required to officiate gay weddings. It doesn’t mean that churches have to change their beliefs. It means that state and local departments that issue marriage licenses will have to now include gay couples.

I have said for years that if gay couples wanted to get broader acceptance from people that feel gay marriage is encroaching on what is deemed a “traditional marriage”, or the “Christian institution of marriage” that the best option would be to work towards gaining acceptance for Civil Unions since most religious sects will not allow gay marriage. My hope has always been to allow two people that love each other, and want to share their life together a way to legally create that bond. What this decision does is open the ability for gay couples to get the same legally binding union that any drunk couple in Vegas can drive up and get on a whim at the drive through chapels. It does not change church doctrine. It does not force any religious entity to condone, accept, or bless this union.

Now, I am by no means trying to minimize what happened yesterday,  but in fact, trying to clarify what exactly is and is not going to change. With that being said, the next issue I feel will become completely overblown is that the crowd that support marriage equality will try to shame people who do not agree with gay marriage for whatever reason with the normal barrage of insults. We’ve all heard them. They are rolled out like the first set of t-shirts being shot out of an air cannon at any sporting event. The belief by the people who hurl them seem to be if they say it loudly and often enough that anyone who doesn’t support them completely will actually be thought of as “bigoted homophobes”, “hate mongers”, or “religious zealots” no matter what the truth happens to be. We’ve shown repeatedly that these tactics backfire more often than work, and damage the people spouting this moronic diatribe instead of promoting their cause.

While I feel if two people love each other and want to share their life together they should be allowed to do so, I do not think anyone has the right to force people who don’t follow their beliefs to “tow the line” or be destroyed. This has been used by several causes to attempt to quash any and all resistance, but has become much less effective in the instant media age. I have a right to disagree with you and/or your point of view, but neither of us have the right to beat the other into submission until there is no dissension. We all have to agree to disagree.

The next issue I want to mention is the fallout from the Charleston Church murders. I was horrified by the actions of this young, warped, demented man. From what I have seen and heard there were so many warning signs that were ignored by the people around the alleged shooter. My heart goes out to the families affected, and I have been keeping them in my prayers.

The people that are using this tragedy to push political agendas are using the loss, pain, and suffering of others to progress ideas that do nothing to prevent another incident, nor help the grieving families that loss so much. Trying to curtail law abiding citizens from being able to own firearms has not stopped these acts. A CSA Battle Flag had nothing to do with what happened. Removing monuments that have been in place for over a century because of this incident does nothing to find and help stop the mentally ill criminals that continue to find ways to commit these violent attacks. Renaming streets that no one had issue with the day before this incident doesn’t solve the problem.

We need to address the fact that way too many are given pills and told that will fix the issue instead of being given a true mental evaluation and a proper treatment of counseling and solid support to deal with the true issues. Our society seems to be more worried about who is the newest reality star to go off the deep end instead of trying to help a friend that is obviously struggling. “It’s not my problem” is too often used to absolve ourselves of doing what has been set before us.  A cute phrase on a meme that says it’s OK to ignore people who are a “negative” in your life posted on your social media is used instead of facing problems today.

There is no “magic pill”, or quick fix, or even a plan yet that has all the answers. Until we decide as a community to face that the political posturing and name calling has gotten us to this point, there will be no positive change. Until people are more worried about the people around them instead of the cast of (Pick your favorite reality show)’s over-hyped drama, nothing will change. Until families work to show the next generation what responsibility, respect, and value truly should be, it will all remain just the same vicious circle of political correctness and despair.