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We are doing this again??


I’ve spent the past week or so vegging out playing the Mass Effect Trilogy. I played all three games from start to end. About 90 hours playing all three games. I don’t allow myself to get this wrapped up into games on a consistent basis, but we’re broke, so no chance to go on trips this summer. It was a good way to occupy my time.


The current outcry of political correctness is one that is frightening and is a reason that issues tend to repeat themselves. The PC police have been working to remove all images, symbols, or items that could offend anyone at any time for several decades. They had moderate successes during that time. From removing all the team mascots that have been deemed derogatory or inflammatory (Indians, Chiefs, Rebels, or anything close) to the drive about a decade ago to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from all state flags, the cry was it was time to think of the people that were belittled by them. I’ve watched several colleges change mascots, as well as been in on the debates of several high schools that did the same. Thought it was stupid then, think it still is now.


So the sad situation of a deranged child committing murder has become a drive to destroy or remove all signs of the Confederacy and the war between the states because this lunatic was in one picture with a Confederate Battle Flag. There is also a picture of him wearing a Gold’s Gym shirt burning Old Glory. Do we now need to ban fitness centers and redesign the flag of our country too?

This has begun debate in the New Orleans area to remove statues that have been a part of this city for over a century because they do not reflect the “vision of our city” as I have seen it argued. While I am sure there is some valid arguments  somewhere for this mindset, this is purely the political concept of “never let a good crisis go to waste” and has now opened the can of worms. The latest offensive symbol to be thrown unto the pile is the fleur-dis-lis because some historian has found that over 200 years ago runaway slaves were branded with this symbol if they were recaptured.

As for the Confederate Battle Flag, I do not see it as offensive. I agree that if the site is not a Confederate War Memorial site and it is on state land, it should not fly that flag. If someone wants to fly it on their own property that should be their own decision.


There is now the #NoFlaggingChallenge where people are encouraged to remove the Confederate Battle Flag whenever they see it. I hope you are smart enough to not go unto private property to take someone else’s possessions. That is illegal and sooner or later someone will be hurt or killed by this stupidity. This is not the way to make a point.

I think the idiots at TV Land made the wrong choice removing the Dukes of Hazard because of the flag on The General Lee. I even saw a story where someone called the cops when he found a store that was stocking Confederate and Nazi war memorabilia. The person was completely disgusted when he found the store was not doing anything illegal. Just because you do not like something it does not make it illegal. Just because you don’t agree with someone, it doesn’t make them wrong.


So, let me get this straight. We’re going to spend thousands of dollars to remove these supposedly offensive monuments because we want to be more politically correct? Most of these are considered historic landmarks. Tourists come here to see them. Before this crazed lunatic decided to attempt to start a race war, there was no drive to move, change, or destroy these items. The politicians that began this added drive to rewrite history are the reason nothing good happens these days. Make a fight about this instead of fixing the real problems that face our communities, state, and country. We do not need to waste time and money on this politically correct crap.


We’re going to re-brand everything that uses a fleur-dis-lis because some guy found evidence it was used in a bad way before any of us were born? Seriously? That is not what we see that symbol representing. It is not what we use it for. There was no one that thought of it as a negative before this putz. Again, how far do we allow this political correctness go? When do we stop being offended by everything out there?

When do we stop allowing this stupidity? This is all smoke and mirrors. Using a tragic situation to further a political agenda is why no one trusts politicians anymore. Stop trying to make a name for yourself! Fix the potholes, balance the budget, and do the job you were elected to do.