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Could The Donald be The One?

It is a strange thing when events don’t go to plan. I mean, come on, we have all had it happen. You plan it all out, you make all the preparations, and then when it is suppose to happen, it all goes to hell. It has become a repetitive footnote in the story of my life. As they so aptly reveal in the movie Rocky Balboa, “But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward.” For me, that has become a reputation for being persistent. In life, it is not just about the successes, but about how well you can make the lemonade.


I’ve said repeatedly that politics has become a battle of the lowest common denominator. Politicians has forgotten that once the election is over, it is time to buckle down, compromise, and do what is in the best interest of this country. Both political parties have forgotten the message that continues to be sent by the people that have voted them into office. We don’t like what you are doing. Stop the political grandstanding, and do the work we sent you to your office to do for us.

Instead of campaigning on issues, and working for consensus, politicians (from local to federal) dig into their opponents background, try to catch them say or do something stupid, and then destroy that opponent in the media and with negative ads from their campaign as well as the political action committee that is backing them. In the end, the worst politician that was able to hide their skeletons the most is ushered into office by attrition. Voters have begged for this style of politics to be put aside and for all to take the higher road, meaning face the issues, fix the problems, and do what is best for us all. That is not happening.


This frustration led to the Tea Party movement. It lead to many people that would have never dreamed of getting into politics to hit the campaign trail and take down the career politicians that continue to ignore the people that elected them to represent us. It is my humble opinion that frustration has caused the current issue that the main stream media cannot seem to wrap it’s head around.

Donald Trump claims he decided to run for president because he did not see how any of the other 15 announced republican candidates had a shot of stopping the appearant democratic coronation of Hillary Clinton. He started the campaign off by being the same guy we have seen for years. He shot from the hip. He told it like it was, and he went completely against the established decorum for being a national politician.

In the weeks since that announcement, the democratic nominees (yes, there are more than just HRC) have said he is the worst thing to happen to this campaign season. The 15 other republican nominees have tried to  trash, belittle, insult, and outright shun Trump as every turn. The mainstream media has taken glee in reporting every supposed misstep Trump takes. In some cases, exaggerating the truth of what was said or done, in others picking on other candidates attempting to force them to condemn The Donald’s actions in an attempt to force Trump to give up this silly notion of becoming president, and go back to his meager life running his multi-million dollar empire.


I’ve been trying to stay away from the coverage of all this, but over and over again it keeps getting laid out before me. It’s not just the usual suspects, like MSNBC, CNN, or the Broadcast Networks, but I even saw poor Rick Santorum have to spend a majority of his time on Fox News Channel’s Special Report yesterday condemning Trump and (I am cringing) defending John McCain being a war hero. This afternoon I was watching our local news and NBC Nightly News and they went to a 4 reporter TEAM COVERAGE of The Donald deciding to hand out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number during a speech in Graham’s home state of SC. Let me pose this question. Is it bad that Trump gave that number to a few hundred people in Graham’s home state during a speech, or that the national media keep giving it out playing the clip dissecting it like the Zapruder film??

No matter the network, the question remains the same. Why won’t this campaign die? To be honest, I can understand the confusion. They have used far less ammunition to take political novices before. I mean c’mon, Ross Perot was supposedly the toughest billionaire politician ever and they got to him. He told off a war hero. He gave out a politician’s phone number to his constituents. He called undocumented workers in American bad names! He should be tar, feathered, and driven from the public eye, right???


Now, the lid gets blown off the whole system when poll after poll shows The Donald is leading every other republican candidate by over 10% points. How the hell did that happen? This is not the carefully laid plans that have been crafted for this political cycle. This man is “taking all the oxygen out of the room” to the point that major politicians are ignored when they announce their candidacy in favor of complaining about Trump. Even the newspapers are trying to be relevant by demanding Trump take his millions and go home. Of course, the spin doctors quickly yell “flash in the pan” or “it won’t last” or my favorite “polls change” because they don’t want to honestly discuss the truth behind this phenomenon. The truth is, this is their fault.

Don’t get it twisted, I am not putting a Trump for President sign in my yard anytime soon. Donald Trump leading all polls is not a great thing, it is the outcome of years of politicians using the lowest common denominator to get into office. It is the byproduct of 24/7/365 campaigning instead of using the 3 (or 5 if a US Senator) years you are not running for office to fix problems and put politics aside. To put it plainly, Trump has gotten this far because far too many voters are sick and tired of political correctness, political infighting, and no one in political office listening.


Is Trump “The One” that can finally fix all that is wrong with America? Not by himself, but he can become the start of something that has been needed for many years in politics in this country. His brash behavior, real world experience, and his ability to defy what is considered as the status quo in politics may become the blueprint for real improvement. Hopefully there are a few other politicians out there that will take a queue from Trump, and decide to do what is best for all of us instead of what is best for their party or pocketbook.