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It’s been a while

As it seems to happen as I wrap up a semester at UNO, I attempt to catch up on the things I push aside to focus on my studies. I actually had the largest schedule that I have attempted this past semester, and I have for the first time since beginning classes in the Fall of 2012 achieved a 3.0 GPA this semester. I am proud of the results but was concerned for much of the time I had taken on too heavy a class load.

political circus

The political circus both statewide and nationally has caused me to drop back from blogging for a while. I didn’t want to become just another blogger spewing the obvious day after day just to fill space on a website or make a new social media post.

I did engage a little on the Louisiana Politics page on Facebook during the Louisiana Governor’s primary and runoff, but tried to stay away from the name calling and finger pointing that seems have overtaken debate and civil discourse in politics these days. While we all await to see if Governor Elect Jon Bell Edwards will live up to his campaign promises, the biggest concern is how do we right the sinking state financial woes. I keep seeing certain “conservative” blogs trying to rip apart each of his decisions, but I am still slightly optimistic that Edwards will at least attempt to do something. I will be one of the first people trying to hold his feet to the fire if he starts to become another party line toting hack.


As far as the 2016 Presidential race, I still watch in amazement as the GOP seems to be pulling itself apart trying to convince themselves that there is no way Donald Trump can win the nomination, much less stop the coronation of Queen Hillary in the general election. The MSM still eats up every gesture or word spoken by The Donald, which of course only feeds his continued rise in the polls.

Our world has changed again as the evil of terrorism has not only reached out to show that it is not contained to one place or continent, but to defy those who have tried to beat it into submission. While the horrible killings in California have not been linked yet to direct orders from ISIS, it shows a new deplorable phenomenon that continues to grow and fester. There are too many young adults in our country that are so disgruntled with the hand life has dealt them that they see the violent and extreme mantra of these terrorist movements as an attractive alternative to their current situation.


One of the issues that I hear repeatedly bemoaned is that the current generation has never learned the “value of life” and have lost “respect for everything” which is taking the easy way out. Another reason used for the senseless violence, disregard for others, and callous behavior of this generation has been the lack of family values, the broken homes where many have been raised, and their lack of a good Christian upbringing. This again is only part of the issue and does not get at the true root of the problem.

In my opinion, the reason that you see so many young adults with no respect for anyone or anything, that see the message of groups like ISIS appealing, and have no drive to succeed starts with the lack of responsibility given to this generation when they were children. Many were not taught the value of paying your dues to get where you want to go. Having sat in classes with this generation, I can tell you that some think they will walk into a job and be the CEO. Many were never held responsible for bad grades, unruly behavior, or doing anything wrong. Our politically correct society has made it damn near impossible to correct a child for anything. I know people who actually believe putting a child on their knees (for any length of time) is abusive behavior. I know children from this generation that have sited any form of corporal punishment as child abuse and resent their parents for attempting to correct them in any fashion as children.


I am not saying this entire generation is lost, however there are some in this group that think having to work to become a productive member of the society is overrated. They actually think reality TV is how their life should be. They should be famous, have it all handed to them, and when that doesn’t happen, their world crumbles around them. Everyone dreams of being a rock star, but only a small group of people will ever truly get to that status. The ones that do spends years paying their dues, working hard, and start at the bottom like everyone else.

While I agree that instilling values start at home, another part of this is making sure we show our children that they have to set and attain reasonable goals in life. It is never a bad thing to have a dream, but you can’t expect it to fall in your lap. While we want our kids to have better than we did, we have to also prepare them to become productive and successful adults when they leave home. That starts with giving them chores, showing them that there are consequences for unacceptable behavior, and even showing them how to budget as they get older. Too many kids are given everything until they move out of the house and find out the hard way that their parent(s) have been doing much more than “bitching all the time.”


I’m going to jump off the soapbox for the night. There are several other angles of this I could cover, but to me this is the most important. Until we face the fact we need to instill values in our children, we will continue to be disappointed in the adults they become.

I will attempt to write more in the next day or two.