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Something has to change.

As I attempt to enjoy the little bit of time off I have, I’ve noticed a disturbing influx news, blogs, and even emails that are all trying to do the same thing. They are all trying to gather people to one cause or another by attempting to scare the audience into compliance. I wish it were just me being paranoid, but I can show you what I am talking about.

First, let’s look at the supposed upcoming attempt by President Obama to mandate gun control via executive order. There are new news stories every day, as well as blogs from both usually trustworthy sources, as well as the tinfoil hat wearers out there all trying to scare people into their ranks with apocalyptic prognostications about what has been planned to happen shorty after the new year. I’ve even seen emails from the NRA, the National Gun Rights Association, and even a few hunting clubs all trying to rally the troops before anything has been done.

To be honest, the current administration attempting to further the cause of gun control by executive order is not something I support, nor do I believe it would be something that could litigated successfully if it were attempted. My semi-educated guess is that if there were something the people that advise our president felt could be done that could withstand a court challenge, it would have been done in the first few days following the San Bernardino massacre. The crew at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave would never let a good crisis like that go to waste. Look at how quickly they pounced after Sandy Hook.

Not saying they won’t try something, but with nearly two thirds of Americans voicing strong opposition to trying to regulate firearms from the oval office, it would quickly and utterly be crushed by the court of public opinion. It would also quickly be in litigation with every organization that supports hunting, sports shooting, and self defense joining forces to quash the attempt. I know liberals would love to make this a campaign issue, but the American people have soundly, repeatedly, and resoundingly shown that the vast majority of our country value and believe the second amendment is a cornerstone of our freedom.

The sad part is that the fear mongering is not only being used to rally support to defeat any attempt at gun control. It may be the excuse for the appeal, but make no mistake, the true motive is to get people to join the organizations, and of course gain donations to these organization’s war chests in anticipation of a perceived threat to what many of us feel is as much a part of our way of life as church and family.

With that said, there are just as many liberal groups that want to see every gun registered, every bullet bar coded, and every gun owner given a more stringent mental evaluation than is given to the politicians given top secret clearance in our government. They are also using the same tactics to gather support and money for the gun control fight. In their minds the way to stop people from doing bad thing is to get rid of the guns, not correct the behavior of the deviants that decided violence and murder was a way to solve whatever demons they were facing.

These people see guns as the problem. Not the people that break the law. Not the mental health system that has failed all of us on so many levels. Not the people that saw the person(s) going off the deep end for weeks (or months, or years) but didn’t want to get involved because it “wasn’t their place” to rat out someone. Not the feel good measures like “gun free zones” that now make huge areas a “shooting gallery” to a demented mind that doesn’t follow the rules.

One of the things that gets me extremely agitated when I am watching the coverage is when the media starts talking about how the weapons used were purchased legally. While that may be technically true, if you dig there is always some caveat to that statement. The weapons were purchased by someone else (not the shooter), the guns were legal when purchased but modified to do things (like full automatic fire) that are not legal, the guns were taken from the legal owner after the crazed lunatic killed them, or one of a thousand other scenarios that show the people who committed these acts do not follow the rules.

The truth is, the vast majority of gun owners in our country follow the rules. They take precautions to assure their firearms are secured as well as handled properly, and use them for sport, recreation, and protection. If you want to see a decrease in gun violence, and mass shootings it all begins with teaching kids how to deal with life.

When kids are not shown early and often that disputes are resolved by discussion and compromise they don’t learn how to use conflict resloution as an adult. When kids are shown how to properly use a firearm, explained when a firearm should be used, and that they are not to be used as a toy, or as a prop to earn respect, those lessons stick with them for the rest of their lives. I speak about that from experience. I was taught how to shoot when I was young. Took safety classes when I was a kid. My cousins were all taught the same way. Most of us love to shoot. I like to target shoot, and used to hunt before I lost my feet.

I have read several articles stating that essentially Obama and the government will attempt to confiscate all guns after the first of the year. Other articles and blogs claim they will “tax” ammunition to make it unaffordable. Others claim we are headed to another civil war because the liberals do not understand that these measures won’t work. While I cannot outright dismiss another attempt to ban certain weapons, tax ammunition, limit magazine sizes, or some other dumb-ass idea intended to regulate firearms, I have faith that we as Americans will not allow that type of liberal stupidity become another impingement on our freedoms.

Any attempt to enact gun control measures will be met with overwhelming grassroots movements to quash any legislation, executive action, or ruling before they can be enacted. I would also hope that if it is attempted, ANY and ALL politicians that promote, endorse, or otherwise attempt to enact such measures are run out of office no matter what position they hold. The only way we will stop idiotic, distractive measures (to do this instead of dealing with the true issues facing our communities) is to get them out of office. This stupidity continues because the people in office do not believe voters have the resolve to hold them responsible for their (lack of real) actions.