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The more things change…

I’m a little under the weather at the moment so I am stuck in bed. That doesn’t mean I am in a vacuum, so I have been keeping up with the news. There are a couple of items that got my attention.


First, there is a local story that I noticed got attention nationally. The initial contractor that had been hired to remove the 4 “nuisance” confederate statues, but later refused the job due to alleged death threats, found his $200 thousand custom car burned to a crisp in front of his business.

I’ve seen a ton of speculation floating around social media, but not one of those blamed it on his former contract with the City of New Orleans. My favorite out of all the guesswork is said contractor was tired of said play toy, and had it torched for the insurance money (of course, to get a nicer new toy.) Some might say this view is quite calous, but I say any attempt to blame this on the people trying to preserve the statues without proof gives into the same hysteria that has people attempting to rewrite 200 years of history. Not saying the guy burned his own car either, but the fact others would go there means law enforcement has their work cut out for them to get to the truth.


Now, let’s move to the statewide level. Yesterday, new Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards released a plan in an attempt to fix a catastrophic hole left by the former administration. I will admit, it isn’t pretty. The official plan is here. It involves raising taxes, tightening incentive programs, changing tax policies, and he has asked all departments statewide to give him viable options to cut ten percent across the board among other options.

Do I think this is a great plan? No. It’s a starting point. He at least put something forward. Now is not the time to play party politics.

The “JBE LIED!” posts from the usual suspects” and sitting on your side of the aisle bitching without any attempt to offer a better choice to fix the problem is how we got here. Stop thinking about your next election, instead start thinking about the future of our state for our kids and grand-kids. Don’t like the proposed plan, get off your butt, find a few fellow state reps and/or state senators and work out a plan that can do the job without the things you feel aren’t needed. If you can make a viable plan, you help everyone.

Now, I just saw a story about how Senate Democrats stopped a bill freezing the import of Syrian refugees into the United States. Have these people been sequestered somewhere without the ability to read the news? Have they not seen what is happening in the European countries that have welcomed these people with open arms? The rioting? The gang rapes? The Democrats want that here?

First off, I understand that the Democratic Senators wanted to have a vote on weither Senators agreed with Donald Trump that there should be a temporary ban on new Muslims entering the country from those war torn countries until our INS can get a better vetting process in place. If this description is new to you, I suggest you find more unbiased news sources, because that is what Trump has always asked for. I can understand how Democrats think this is a “trump” card because it has been twisted so badly by the MSM.

I am saddened that the Republicans in Congress are so lacking intestinal fortitude that they back down on stupidity like this. If the Democrats inserted a “Trump wants to ban all Muslims” amendment rip it out because it’s a lie. Stop tap dancing with these morons. Grow a pair, drag them along kicking and screaming, and force Obama to veto something. The partisan crap that happened today, the stupidity that both parties exhibited today is what is fueling the voters to seek out a guy that refuses to play your games, namely Trump.

No one wants to see the lawlessness and problems that these refugees have brought to Europe. No one wants to chance another terrorist attack on our shores because we blindly let people we could not vet into our country. But instead of working to protect our country Congress continues to play games and one up man’s ship trying to win elections instead of doing the people’s work.