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What Do You Mean, It Was True?

So the slobber knocker that was the 11th GOP Debate is in the books, and the sad part is the guy who shined last night is still going to be in last place tomorrow night after we vote here in Louisiana. Agree that John Kasich was the only guy that actually showed up and acted like an adult at a debate last night. Also have to mention that Bill O’Reilly had a good point that voters are too angry this election cycle for Kasich to get traction.
As for Rubio and Cruz, while they took their shots at Trump, the GOP opposition research isn’t enough to hurt the front runner. In fact, while hard to watch, this stupidity is actually going to help Trump long term. As they throw the kitchen sink at Trump trying to derail his momentum to give themselves a way to catch up, they are taking away the ammunition that would have been used by Hillary in the general election.
Let me explain. The most obvious reason is that since it is being brought up as well as investigated by multiple news outlets, it will be old news and/or debunked by the time the general election gets here. On top of that, last night also gave us a small glimpse of what I truly believe will be Trump’s overall strategy moving forward.  He allowed both Cruz and Rubio make asses of themselves using the Trump University fodder. Megyn Kelly attempted to get Trump by stating they found evidence backing up the opposition research his rivals was using only to have paperwork delivered to her (and the rest of the media) validating Trump’s comments during the debate (debunking the information being spread to the contrary).
Everyone who knows Trump says he’s a smart, honest, but brash guy. Every item that has been thrown at him during this campaign, and the opposition research that is yet to come to light that is supposed to destroy him was investigated, vetted, and has a way of being negated or Trump wouldn’t have run. The stunt last night proves Trump (or his staff) has information available that even the best journalists can overlook in their haste to “get the dirt” even if they are being unbiased and objective.
I think the timing of last night’s release was intentional to prove that exact point. Once Megyn Kelly said they had researched and found that what Cruz and Rubio were saying was FACT, Trump stated the information that was actually fact, said he could prove all 3 were wrong, and did just that. It was a subtle warning shot that I believe everyone trying to “get Trump” will ignore to their own detriment.
Sad thing is, have not been a Trump supporter. I am fascinated by the phenomenon his candidacy has created. The politics as usual rulebook has been destroyed. Everyone who has attempted to use the typical tactics to deal with him has lost, and it is instead working against them.
Hoping to attend Trump rally here tonight, just to see what he does before a live crowd. See if I can figure out what the appeal really is.