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Friday Follies


I worked today so I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to work on a commentary for today. I work two part time jobs, as well as start classes again on Tuesday to get my final class completed to earn my BS in Interdisciplinary Studies at The University of New Orleans. I am slowly working my way back into the workforce again, but also following my mom’s advice always have a plan to pursue my dreams, which is what Louisiana Today is all about.

Today has been dominated by sports stories for me, mostly Saints related, so I will talk about those today. I take them in no particular order, but each struck me for one reason or another. I guess I will take them in the order of what piqued my attention the most to the least.

Former number one draft pick, former Saint, and one heck of a fan of Bob Marley former NFL running back Ricky Williams is opening a “cannabis friendly gym” in the San Francisco area called Power Plant Fitness. Williams is partnering with Jim McAlpine, the founder of the 420 Games which is exactly what it sounds like, athletic events, topped off with a 4.2 mile run where being high by partaking is encouraged.

In the press release about the gym, the site TheWeedBlog states:

“The 420 Games creator has recently launched an athletic line of cannabis products and in partnership with Ricky Williams, the duo will open the world’s first cannabis gym in San Francisco, CA this November. Power Plant Fitness will be run by Williams and focus on integrative full body and mind training. What makes Power Plant Fitness unique? Members will be able to consume cannabis in the gym while working out. Power Plant also produces a line of “athletic edibles” made for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery.

As the recreational use of cannabis is now legal in some states and on the ballot in others, including California, perceptions are changing quickly. Old stereotypes are being tossed out the window as the world realizes that they have long been misled about the “evils” of marijuana. It is very likely cannabis will become ingrained into American society like Budweiser, Apple Pie and baseball.”

I don’t know about all that, but cannabis has become more accepted in the past decade, and even Louisiana has loosened the regulations on their medical marijuana usage. Governor John Bel Edwards did however stress when he signed the new guidelines into effect that laws like the ones in Colorado, and Washington allowing recreational cannabis use will not happen in Louisiana under his watch.

The the big Saints related story is that former Defensive Coordinator (and frequent French Quarter bar hopper) Rob Ryan tried to push the blame for his failed tenure in New Orleans on not being allowed to coach in the manner he wanted, using the defensive schemes and players he wanted. He essentially said he got fed up at one point and just let things happen instead of fighting to fix the problems. He is now working as an assistant for is brother, so nepotism is alive and well in the NFL.

Anyone surprised by this just doesn’t know someone like Rob, or has never been fired from a job before. The blaming it on anyone but your own mistakes is very human. Saying you just gave up because there was no way to win is just another excuse. Not justifying Ryan’s comments or actions, but they are not as shocking as the media stories want to make it out to be.

Sean Payton calling Ryan’s allegations that he was not allowed to coach the way he wanted “silly” is also not all that surprising. Even if all control had been taken from Ryan while he was here, that is not going to be acknowledged now. Even if every bit of it were true, there is no reason to admit that.

How does this help The Saints now? it Doesn’t. It’s not going to whip the defense into shape. It’s not going to help the team gel or is it going to change the plans the team has for the defense for the coming season. Rob Ryan is part of the long history of the New Orleans Saints. He will not be soon forgotten, but his comments do nothing to help (or hurt) what is happening now. To be honest, I am surprised Coach Payton took time to acknowledge it exists. At best it is a distraction for the media, but that will only last for a moment.