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I’m back on Radio


In case you haven’t noticed it on my facebook page, or my twitter feed, I am hosting a show called Louisiana Today. Brunella convinced (with help and encouragement from several friends) me several months ago to start the show as a podcast with the eventual goal to bring the show to radio. It is a concept I worked with my mentor several years ago to bring to radio, but at the time the business, and technology wasn’t quite where it is today.

My goal was always to start with KTIB 640-AM/Thibodaux, LA for several reasons. First, it is the closest station to my hometown of Raceland. Second, it is the station that I first got on the air as a kid. Third, it was the last station I programmed. Linda B. Bourgeois, the station’s longtime manager and I worked hard to make a decent local station back in the day. It seemed the second we got it on the right track, the owners took control of the station from the company running it under a Lease Management Agreement, and the short version is they ran it into the ground and eventually off the air. I had a family to provide for, so I couldn’t stay, and moved onto another gig. I always felt I owed it to Linda and myself to come back and right that situation.

We’ve remained friends through the years. I’ve always helped Linda when I could, and when we decided it was time for me to do Louisiana Today, she was the first person we called. It took time to get it on the air because we wanted to put it in a time slot that would help the station. Well, to be honest, I told Linda and Brunella I didn’t care where it was put, I’d make it successful (Yes, The Cajun Nightmare is still alive and well.) Brunella and Linda kept working on the when and where, while I kept fleshing out the show on the podcast.

When the extent of the flooding started to become apparent a little over a week back I started working on finding all the information I could. Since I am no longer an able bodied person I would only be a hindrance instead of a help on the ground.  I decided I needed to find all the correct, verifiable information out there and spread the information as far as I could. While I was busy gathering information, Brunella and Linda decided it was time for the next step.

Last Monday at 8am I went live on 640-AM KTIB at 8AM for the first time in a dozen years. I spent the hour sharing the information I had found, interviewing people that were needing the public’s help to assist flood victims, and even got to share a segment with Dialogue’s Gene Richard. In the week since we have moved me to 6pm so that we’ve got two opportunities to share information with KTIB’s audience between Gene’s show and mine.

I am so grateful for the positive response. We continue to get messages from friends, and family as they learn I’m back on the air. We continue to be reminded how small the Bayou Region truly is. At least once a day since we started, someone we interview talks to someone we’ve known for years, and then we get the “they’re talking about you” messages.

Thanks to everyone. I hope you enjoy what we’re doing.