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The Presidential “What Ifs”

So this message will take some time to complete. There will be way too many links to complete this quickly. I’ve been editing this in my head for almost  week. I want to say upfront that the reason I decided to write this is because I want to document what I see going on.


I actually began writing this on October 15th, but the information has changed several times since, so I am updating it in hopes of releasing it this morning. I’m going to break this down by several topic areas to make it a little easier to digest. Please feel free to make comments on my Facebook page as this will be posted there.


Hillary Clinton - Photo from
Hillary Clinton – Photo from
  • What If the renewed FBI investigation into her emails cause her to be indited? The timing of before or after she takes office if she wins is not really consequential. Either way she will politically live under a cloud for whatever amount of time she is allowed to remain in office. If she is found guilty of any of these charges she will be disqualified from holding office (via federal laws) and Tim Kaine  becomes the next president of the United States.
  • What if the FBI Investigation of The Clinton Foundation results in an indictment? Before you pull the “Well she hasn’t been indicted or convicted of anything yet” argument, realize that there is information out there that states that certain politically motivated parties in the Department of Justice have retarded the progress of a full investigation at every possible junction. Again, most of the charges would disqualify Clinton to continue to hold the office of President if she were to be found guilty.
  • What if Clinton is indicted on any charge, but then pleads it down to something that would allow her to remain in office? Would you still have faith that she is capable of performing the duties of President?
  • What if any one of the countries that supposedly gained access to her unsecured, private email server decided to use the information to blackmail Clinton? How would we know what was going on? After the Iran deal, and the Russian Uranium sale, is there anyway to tell if she would be under duress?


Donald Trump - Photo from
Donald Trump – Photo from
  • What if even one of the women that has come forward after the Access Hollywood tape and his denials of wrongdoing could actually prove they were molested by Mr. Trump in some way? Did the group coming forward after such an obvious attempt to derail Trump’s campaign skew their chances of being believed? Did Jessica Drake’s attempt to cash in on her claims by launching a sex toy and sex advice website just hours before making her claims discredit her? Would any verification impede his ability to work as President? Would this irreparably damage his reputation domestically or internationally?
  • What if Trump is found liable in the civil suit against Trump University? He will be forced to pay damages if the case is won, but would that affect his ability to perform his duties as president? Is it possible that the plaintiffs in this suit were not successful due to conditions beyond Trump’s control. Did Trump make some written or verbal guarantee that every student who used his strategies be successful?
  • What if Trump is sued again by the woman who has tried twice before seeking damages from an alleged rape in 1994? The California suit was dismissed by a judge, and she withdrew a suit filed for her in New York because of alleged threats being made against her. This case has no physical evidence. The only evidence mentioned is her statements and a statement from one of her friends. Again, this is a civil matter so Trump would only face fines if the courts find the case has merit and damages are awarded.
  • What if the recent accusations levelled by the Wall Street Journal that Trump had an extramarital affair with 1998 Playboy Playmate Of The Year Karen McDougal in 2006 are proven true? While it is while he was married to his current wife, Melania it does not have any bearing on his ability to be president. The story is actually that supposedly the parent company of The National Enquirer paid Ms. McDougal $150K for the story and then decided not to publish it. The publishers claim that they paid her to do a column and to do some cover pictures. Ms. McDougal refuses to comment, and Trump’s camp denies that the information is accurate.


  • What if all the talk about how Trump has a “very narrow path” or that the “election is already over” implying Clinton has won has the opposite of the desired effect? This is a ploy to attempt to discourage Trump voters from wasting their time by going out and voting. I have said from the beginning that the majority of pundits out there in the MSM do not grasp the anger of the electorate. Media and many campaigners are ignoring the fact that Trump has become a viable candidate because voters are fed up with the constant arguing and nothing getting done. The likely backfire is that this language will only inflame the people Trump needs at the polls on Tuesday, while simultaneously impeding the voters Clinton needs due to the fact media is repeatedly spouting off how this is over and Hillary is our next President. Millennials and African-Americans are already unenthused about this election, having CNN, MSNBC, and Broadcast News Outlets constantly saying it’s a done deal gives them the push to need to stay home.
  • What if all the anti-Trump coverage has turned voters off to the outlets that continue to skew their coverage in favor of Clinton?


  • What if the information that has been released thus far about the DNC, Clinton’s Campaign, The Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s Emails were furnished to Wikileaks by people working within these organizations that could no longer sit by and watch the bad behavior and illegal activities. Think about this for a second, they can’t find one member of Anonymous, haven’t tracked one person that recently disrupted internet traffic across the country, but they know the Russians are feeding Wikileaks? Recent articles say they are pretty sure it isn’t.
  • What if it is proven that the information provided is accurate and unchanged from when it was on the original servers? Does it change your perception of how fair elections are run? Should the collusion and subterfuge used to attempt to gain any possible advantage over an opponent cry out for major reform in the entire election process?