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Will Playing The Game Pay Off

I’ve tried for  many weeks to stay out of the political fray on both social media and on my show. It has become increasingly more difficult. I have on a few occasions felt the need to address something as it was happening on my show, but it has become time for me to explain where I stand when it comes to the current political climate. This is not me endorsing or chastising anyone or anything. Please understand, I really hoped things would not devolve to the level that this would be needed. but circumstances have forced my hand.

First, let me talk about what seems to be a concerted effort by many to “wage war” because the presidential election did not end as they had expected. While I applaud their drive to become engaged in the political process, I must point out that the time to become actively involved was before and up to election day. The actions of these activist since election day in November has only driven a larger wedge between factions on the ends of the political spectrum, and have made it where most of the moderate people that usually build a coalitions fearful of engaging with either side.

Many of the successes the people behind this #resist movement tout, events like the recent women’s actually show that while they can gather large crowds to shout about Trump, there is no real unified cause. The truth is while many people attended this series of events, reports from these protests seemed to echo the same sentiment. The attendees seemed to be angry about something, but not exactly sure at what except that Trump was going to take us back to pre-civil war humans rights. While this sounds scary, not one person could point to a verifiable piece of evidence to support their allegations. When pushed to prove the issues they have with Trump the protesters say “It’s what he has said” but can’t give specific instances of Trump actually saying he would do anything they are convinced he is planning. While celebrities spouted their hatred of our new president the throngs cheered. While the crowds chanted words you wouldn’t say in polite company, others destroyed property and set a limo on fire.

Then there are the series of the long planned protests against whoever became President Trump’s nominee to The Supreme Court. This event highlighted the pre-planning of disruption by having posters printed lacking a name of a nominee so it could be written in with a sharpie once it was announced. This group didn’t care who it was that was the nominee, all they knew was that person had to be rejected. Rejecting based on the fact it wasn’t their choice to make, not on the person’s experience, positions, or qualifications.

Democrats in the Senate promised to attempt to derail this nomination a week before anyone knew who that would be. Is that doing the work they were sent to congress to perform on behalf of their state? Isn’t their job to interview this nominee, debate his fitness to hold the office, and then vote on his ability to do the job. The fact that the last nominee of the former administration was not allow to go through the process by the last congress is not the fault or was controlled by anything President Trump has done. I don’t care if they used the “Biden Rule” or not. This behavior is the same partisan game playing that has angered the electorate and has created the nightmare these people find themselves in.

The same goes for the behavior exhibited during the confirmation process for the members of President Trump’s cabinet nominees. While some may applaud the disruptions to the approval process, the fact is again these people are too stuck looking at the old partisan playbook. Every time I hear the justification that “they did it last time’ I shake my head because it will not appease the people who voted Trump and a Republican congress into office. In fact, if the same old partisan games continue to be played, the next congressional election cycle could be disastrous for the troublemakers.

I feel I need to explain, I am not saying liberal activist and politicians should just roll over and allow everything to happen. However, there is a big difference between healthy debate that explores the different values and points of view of the many intelligent people involved here, and the staged events, disruption to show the administration they can. as well as stoking unsubstantiated hysteria all because your party is not in control.

This hysteria is being driven by many different factors. Two of the most dominate sources feeding this growing problem comes from social media and certain media outlets that seem to overreact to every step the current administration makes. Now, this is also fed by what I like to call the “tin foil hat” sites that see a conspiracy behind every move. The only difference is that now the left wing sites in this category are actively spinning anti-Trump propaganda instead of the right wing sites that did it with anti-Obama site. This feeds social media paranoia as the articles quickly becomes viral and read by millions without any true verification. People see something that confirms their biases and it becomes fact for many without any further validation. I can’t tell you how many times over the past 2 years I’ve had someone tell me a “fact” they saw on social media (sometimes from main stream media) which forces me to pull up the true facts of the situation so I can enlighten them.

To be honest, like every other first term president, Trump has had his moments since he’s been in office. Part of the issue is that Trump is a completely different personality from almost every past president in the past 50 years or more. He is brash. He says what he thinks, sometimes without thinking through the consequences. He deals with world leaders in a more direct manner than anyone is accustomed to. He has set out to do what he promised, and seems determined to move as quickly as possible. He also has an ego, and is not afraid to attempt to make light of a situation. This is evident in the action of him asking people attending the National Prayer Breakfast when he asked them to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger since his rating as the president’s replacement on The Apprentice TV Show. It was meant as a joke, but the press and even Arnold took exception at this levity.

I pointed out back in 2009 when people were critical of President Obama’s missteps as he took office that it is just growing pains of taking the most powerful job in the free world. I mention this to say I have been consistent in saying that first term presidents need to adjust to the new job. There will be missteps. He and his administration will screw up. Trying to destroy them because of this is a partisan game I believe the electorate will react to negatively.

I’ve said on my show that the liberals need to do an honest review of the factors that caused them to lose the presidency, as well as more ground in congress. Without this review, then an adjustment to compensate for their failures will be detrimental to future success at the ballot box. Playing the partisan games they’ve always played because “That’s how it is done.” without adjusting their platform, tactics, and approach to be more in sync with the electorate will only dig a deeper hole.

We all know the popular vote argument is invalid. If liberals had a true grasp on what the electorate truly wants they would have control of one, or both houses of congress since Trump won. It was a change election, but it was more than that. It was “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!” change election. Until liberals allow that reality to set in, realize that people want them to stick to their principals but be willing to look past partisan games to do the people’s work, they will continue to be a part of the problem. Voters will continue to speak at the ballot box until this message is received and things really change.