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The Plan Isn’t Working

As things continue to progress in Washington, DC and across the country there are several obvious signs that show a well planned movement to obstruct and retard the progress of the new administration. This plan is multi-faceted  and includes congressional democrats causing as much gridlock as possible on every possible front, taking the administration to court whenever the option presents itself, and protesting every person, event, or cause that could help things move forward.

To be bluntly honest, it’s hard not to notice what is going on. This effort is not only well planned, but also has amazing MSM news coverage. In fact, it seems some of the news teams are there before the “unplanned, spontaneous demonstrations” happen. While this plan can get bodies to the picket lines, the sad truth is it has been proven over and over again that the people protesting have no idea of why they are there. When pressed by both counter protesters and journalist about why they are there most can only spew that “Trump is a (insert the fear mongering term here)…..” but can’t give an example proving the point, or why they have that opinion of our president.

You see the same thing on social media from liberal politicians and pundits from local office holders to members of congress that float left leaning news stories, memes about the new administration that make world word II propaganda posters look like a children’s storybook, and sharing unverifiable “facts” by liberal pundits and celebrities that show a true hatred for President Trump or anyone associated with him.

Now, in true “Chicago Way” fashion, this well orchestrated plan is now trying to hurt the family of their true target by putting pressure on businesses to stop doing business with anyone associated with Trump. Ivanka Trump’s clothing line has been pulled by several national chains, for example. President Trump was chastised for tweeting about this. Kellyanne Conway was “counseled” after saying people should buy Ivanka’s brand online during an interview on Fox And Friends.The goal (in my humble opinion) is to tick off President Trump so he will do something rash and impulsive because they are messing with the success of his kids. They are praying for something they can attempt to impeach him with because the left has been saying since before he got into office he would not last 6 months.

The sad part is, there are people that will come to the conclusion that I am defending Trump in this piece and the one I wrote before it. That is not the case. I am trying to look at the president’s actions objectively. I am also looking at the childish, petty, divisive, destructive and obstructionist actions of the people that are working against him. I am also looking objectively at the results of both sides.

While all this organizing is being done on the left to disrupt in every possible way, the opinion polls they point to as reason for their actions are shifting away from them. Recent polls show Trump’s favorability rising, that people feel the media is not covering him objectively or fairly, and that his policies are what the majority of americans want.

While the liberals were able to find judges willing to throw a wrench in the wheels of his travel restrictions executive order, it is what the voters asked for when they put him in office. He is not a meek politician. He is someone that is used to having to adapt and improvise. So are the people he has placed around him. Trump has proven over and over during the campaign that he learns from mistakes. While some would point to his tweets and say not really, the fact is he has toned things down, and people (outside the MSM and liberals) expect him to speak his mind. I expect a new executive order with the things the judges objected to defined and revised so it cannot be used as an excuse anymore.

The new wrinkle is that protesters are showing up at conservative congress member’s local town hall meeting and disrupting them. Again, organizing a well laid plan by professional organizers attempting to intimidate politicians into backing off of Trump’s agenda. You may not have noticed this, but these events are having the opposite of the intended effect. The politicians are engaging the protesters. Again, as stated above, the protesters have no real grasp of the issues so it usually become them calling the politician a (insert fear mongering tems here) and inciting the rest of the crowd to disrupt the event.

Here’s why this plan is backfiring. It was expected. When the demonstrations started on election night it was clear that a contingency plan was in place in the event of a democratic worst case scenario. The more this plan unfolds, the more I am reminded of the old tale of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. The effectiveness of these constant disruptions, the never ending protests, and constant social media barrage becomes less every new volley that is sent. For many, the sight of another attempt to disrupt is met with an eyeroll and an under breath “when will they learn.”

My mom constantly reminded me as a kid to pick my battles. That means to me that I had to decide when I needed to stick to my principles because what was being done had to be corrected, or when the better part of valor was to let this one slide because it was not a life altering event. Today’s liberals seem to consider every single thing a life altering event that they must stop at all costs. Isn’t there a name for that? I think it was named after an old knight with  a penchant for windmills.

Maybe liberals are too close to this situation to see their current behavior will hurt their ability to garner support from the majority of Americans in the future. The current plan is to cause gridlock by disruption, then hope they can use the gridlock to their advantage in 2018 and 2020. There is a fundamental flaw in that idea. Voters can clearly see that you are the ones slowing things down. The message your actions are sending says “If we’re not running the show, then nothing gets done.” It may not be the desired message, but that’s what you’re doing.

While you are trying to stop everything, you are failing at that. Every cabinet member has been approved by the senate that has been put up for a vote. Government moves on without you when you refuse to engage. The people’s work is being conducted, albeit slowly, even with every delay, obstruction, and stall tactic thrown in the way. Again, your actions show you and your movement looks to be a hinderance, not a healthy party to the process. The sad thing is that if liberals spent as much time and effort to help fix America’s problems our entire country would be better for it.

America needs to learn what it means to agree to disagree. Politicians need to learn the difference between election mode, and governing mode. Things will never get better if politicians are always more concerned about getting reelected instead of doing what is needed to fix the issues facing our country.

Liberals need to let reality sink in. What you’ve done in the past no longer works. The name calling, the fear mongering, the republicans are the devil, and all the entitlements have gotten you here. Organizing protests, disrupting whenever possible, and being against something just to be contrary is not working. Voters told you this loudly on November 8th, but it seems you missed that memo. Time to get with the rest of the country to start working together to do what is best for America, or you will get left behind come next election cycle.