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About Joey

Joey has always been a smart ass. He once told a catechism teacher when she threatened to call home because of his behavior that it was not possible because his mom had prepared “Southern Fried Telephone” the night before. He always tried to be the class clown. He was a typical Cajun boy. He played football, baseball, loved wrestling, and enjoyed weekends at his parents camp on Lake Fields in Southeast Louisiana.

Joey’s first public appearance on radio was at age 8. He would borrow those horrible joke books from the library and call the local radio station to hassle the morning DJ by telling him those (really bad) jokes. The DJ started recording the calls, and then began to air them during his show. It was something they did until Joey’s parents moved the family to the Lafayette, LA area in 1981.

Joey saved money from doing chores, cutting yards, and other odd jobs so he could buy the equipment to start DJing private parties by age 14. Joey started calling the closest local station to his parents home as soon as he got his driver’s license every day asking for a shot to become a radio DJ. Mr. Jim Soileau relented after several months of daily calls and give him a “tryout”. Joey passed the tryout and began working on KVPI AM and FM in Ville Platte, LA not long after that. His programming career in radio allowed him to work all over Louisiana, and with good friend Robert Allen as part of The Sanders & Allen show on one of the first full-time interactive internet radio stations at back in 1998.

Joey began The Joey Sanders Show online at in 2008 as a way exercise his creative side.The show has evolved from silly to political, to wrestling commentary, and even has had a moment or two of greatness. The show was begun again in 2013. Production was halted in 2014 when financial issues caused the time available to broadcast to become unattainable.

Joey has always been technically inclined. With his family growing, and the opportunities in the programming department shrinking due to budget cuts and computer automation, Joey was challenged by his father to go to technical college to properly learn to work on electronics. His first posting as a Market Director of Engineering and IT came only a few months after his graduation in April of 2000. Joey’s engineering assignments allowed him to work from coast to coast working for some of the largest companies in the radio business. Joey moved to network radio in 2007 and got the opportunity to work there until shortly before complications from diabetes caused him to become a bilateral below knee amputee in 2011.

Joey tackled the issue of having no feet as he did any other issue. He researched, he found solutions, and he implemented a plan. After two years of fighting insurance issues, Joey walked again shortly before Christmas 2013 on prosthetic feet for the first time. He accomplished the task of attending class at the University of New Orleans without using his wheelchair for the first part of the Spring 2015 semester.

Joey is currently an Interdisciplinary Studies major focusing on Management of Information Systems and Computer Science at UNO and anticipates to graduate with his degree in 2016. He was given the opportunity to further his education shortly after his amputations, and decided it was the best option to getting himself focused and employable with his disabilities.