As things continue to progress in Washington, DC and across the country there are several obvious signs that show a well planned movement to obstruct and retard the progress of the new administration. This plan is multi-faceted  and includes congressional democrats causing as much gridlock as possible on every possible front, taking the administration to court whenever the option presents itself, and protesting every person, event, or cause that could help things move forward.

To be bluntly honest, it’s hard not to notice what is going on. This effort is not only well planned, but also has amazing MSM news coverage. In fact, it seems some of the news teams are there before the “unplanned, spontaneous demonstrations” happen. While this plan can get bodies to the picket lines, the sad truth is it has been proven over and over again that the people protesting have no idea of why they are there. When pressed by both counter protesters and journalist about why they are there most can only spew that “Trump is a (insert the fear mongering term here)…..” but can’t give an example proving the point, or why they have that opinion of our president.

You see the same thing on social media from liberal politicians and pundits from local office holders to members of congress that float left leaning news stories, memes about the new administration that make world word II propaganda posters look like a children’s storybook, and sharing unverifiable “facts” by liberal pundits and celebrities that show a true hatred for President Trump or anyone associated with him.

Now, in true “Chicago Way” fashion, this well orchestrated plan is now trying to hurt the family of their true target by putting pressure on businesses to stop doing business with anyone associated with Trump. Ivanka Trump’s clothing line has been pulled by several national chains, for example. President Trump was chastised for tweeting about this. Kellyanne Conway was “counseled” after saying people should buy Ivanka’s brand online during an interview on Fox And Friends.The goal (in my humble opinion) is to tick off President Trump so he will do something rash and impulsive because they are messing with the success of his kids. They are praying for something they can attempt to impeach him with because the left has been saying since before he got into office he would not last 6 months.

The sad part is, there are people that will come to the conclusion that I am defending Trump in this piece and the one I wrote before it. That is not the case. I am trying to look at the president’s actions objectively. I am also looking at the childish, petty, divisive, destructive and obstructionist actions of the people that are working against him. I am also looking objectively at the results of both sides.

While all this organizing is being done on the left to disrupt in every possible way, the opinion polls they point to as reason for their actions are shifting away from them. Recent polls show Trump’s favorability rising, that people feel the media is not covering him objectively or fairly, and that his policies are what the majority of americans want.

While the liberals were able to find judges willing to throw a wrench in the wheels of his travel restrictions executive order, it is what the voters asked for when they put him in office. He is not a meek politician. He is someone that is used to having to adapt and improvise. So are the people he has placed around him. Trump has proven over and over during the campaign that he learns from mistakes. While some would point to his tweets and say not really, the fact is he has toned things down, and people (outside the MSM and liberals) expect him to speak his mind. I expect a new executive order with the things the judges objected to defined and revised so it cannot be used as an excuse anymore.

The new wrinkle is that protesters are showing up at conservative congress member’s local town hall meeting and disrupting them. Again, organizing a well laid plan by professional organizers attempting to intimidate politicians into backing off of Trump’s agenda. You may not have noticed this, but these events are having the opposite of the intended effect. The politicians are engaging the protesters. Again, as stated above, the protesters have no real grasp of the issues so it usually become them calling the politician a (insert fear mongering tems here) and inciting the rest of the crowd to disrupt the event.

Here’s why this plan is backfiring. It was expected. When the demonstrations started on election night it was clear that a contingency plan was in place in the event of a democratic worst case scenario. The more this plan unfolds, the more I am reminded of the old tale of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. The effectiveness of these constant disruptions, the never ending protests, and constant social media barrage becomes less every new volley that is sent. For many, the sight of another attempt to disrupt is met with an eyeroll and an under breath “when will they learn.”

My mom constantly reminded me as a kid to pick my battles. That means to me that I had to decide when I needed to stick to my principles because what was being done had to be corrected, or when the better part of valor was to let this one slide because it was not a life altering event. Today’s liberals seem to consider every single thing a life altering event that they must stop at all costs. Isn’t there a name for that? I think it was named after an old knight with  a penchant for windmills.

Maybe liberals are too close to this situation to see their current behavior will hurt their ability to garner support from the majority of Americans in the future. The current plan is to cause gridlock by disruption, then hope they can use the gridlock to their advantage in 2018 and 2020. There is a fundamental flaw in that idea. Voters can clearly see that you are the ones slowing things down. The message your actions are sending says “If we’re not running the show, then nothing gets done.” It may not be the desired message, but that’s what you’re doing.

While you are trying to stop everything, you are failing at that. Every cabinet member has been approved by the senate that has been put up for a vote. Government moves on without you when you refuse to engage. The people’s work is being conducted, albeit slowly, even with every delay, obstruction, and stall tactic thrown in the way. Again, your actions show you and your movement looks to be a hinderance, not a healthy party to the process. The sad thing is that if liberals spent as much time and effort to help fix America’s problems our entire country would be better for it.

America needs to learn what it means to agree to disagree. Politicians need to learn the difference between election mode, and governing mode. Things will never get better if politicians are always more concerned about getting reelected instead of doing what is needed to fix the issues facing our country.

Liberals need to let reality sink in. What you’ve done in the past no longer works. The name calling, the fear mongering, the republicans are the devil, and all the entitlements have gotten you here. Organizing protests, disrupting whenever possible, and being against something just to be contrary is not working. Voters told you this loudly on November 8th, but it seems you missed that memo. Time to get with the rest of the country to start working together to do what is best for America, or you will get left behind come next election cycle.


I’ve tried for  many weeks to stay out of the political fray on both social media and on my show. It has become increasingly more difficult. I have on a few occasions felt the need to address something as it was happening on my show, but it has become time for me to explain where I stand when it comes to the current political climate. This is not me endorsing or chastising anyone or anything. Please understand, I really hoped things would not devolve to the level that this would be needed. but circumstances have forced my hand.

First, let me talk about what seems to be a concerted effort by many to “wage war” because the presidential election did not end as they had expected. While I applaud their drive to become engaged in the political process, I must point out that the time to become actively involved was before and up to election day. The actions of these activist since election day in November has only driven a larger wedge between factions on the ends of the political spectrum, and have made it where most of the moderate people that usually build a coalitions fearful of engaging with either side.

Many of the successes the people behind this #resist movement tout, events like the recent women’s actually show that while they can gather large crowds to shout about Trump, there is no real unified cause. The truth is while many people attended this series of events, reports from these protests seemed to echo the same sentiment. The attendees seemed to be angry about something, but not exactly sure at what except that Trump was going to take us back to pre-civil war humans rights. While this sounds scary, not one person could point to a verifiable piece of evidence to support their allegations. When pushed to prove the issues they have with Trump the protesters say “It’s what he has said” but can’t give specific instances of Trump actually saying he would do anything they are convinced he is planning. While celebrities spouted their hatred of our new president the throngs cheered. While the crowds chanted words you wouldn’t say in polite company, others destroyed property and set a limo on fire.

Then there are the series of the long planned protests against whoever became President Trump’s nominee to The Supreme Court. This event highlighted the pre-planning of disruption by having posters printed lacking a name of a nominee so it could be written in with a sharpie once it was announced. This group didn’t care who it was that was the nominee, all they knew was that person had to be rejected. Rejecting based on the fact it wasn’t their choice to make, not on the person’s experience, positions, or qualifications.

Democrats in the Senate promised to attempt to derail this nomination a week before anyone knew who that would be. Is that doing the work they were sent to congress to perform on behalf of their state? Isn’t their job to interview this nominee, debate his fitness to hold the office, and then vote on his ability to do the job. The fact that the last nominee of the former administration was not allow to go through the process by the last congress is not the fault or was controlled by anything President Trump has done. I don’t care if they used the “Biden Rule” or not. This behavior is the same partisan game playing that has angered the electorate and has created the nightmare these people find themselves in.

The same goes for the behavior exhibited during the confirmation process for the members of President Trump’s cabinet nominees. While some may applaud the disruptions to the approval process, the fact is again these people are too stuck looking at the old partisan playbook. Every time I hear the justification that “they did it last time’ I shake my head because it will not appease the people who voted Trump and a Republican congress into office. In fact, if the same old partisan games continue to be played, the next congressional election cycle could be disastrous for the troublemakers.

I feel I need to explain, I am not saying liberal activist and politicians should just roll over and allow everything to happen. However, there is a big difference between healthy debate that explores the different values and points of view of the many intelligent people involved here, and the staged events, disruption to show the administration they can. as well as stoking unsubstantiated hysteria all because your party is not in control.

This hysteria is being driven by many different factors. Two of the most dominate sources feeding this growing problem comes from social media and certain media outlets that seem to overreact to every step the current administration makes. Now, this is also fed by what I like to call the “tin foil hat” sites that see a conspiracy behind every move. The only difference is that now the left wing sites in this category are actively spinning anti-Trump propaganda instead of the right wing sites that did it with anti-Obama site. This feeds social media paranoia as the articles quickly becomes viral and read by millions without any true verification. People see something that confirms their biases and it becomes fact for many without any further validation. I can’t tell you how many times over the past 2 years I’ve had someone tell me a “fact” they saw on social media (sometimes from main stream media) which forces me to pull up the true facts of the situation so I can enlighten them.

To be honest, like every other first term president, Trump has had his moments since he’s been in office. Part of the issue is that Trump is a completely different personality from almost every past president in the past 50 years or more. He is brash. He says what he thinks, sometimes without thinking through the consequences. He deals with world leaders in a more direct manner than anyone is accustomed to. He has set out to do what he promised, and seems determined to move as quickly as possible. He also has an ego, and is not afraid to attempt to make light of a situation. This is evident in the action of him asking people attending the National Prayer Breakfast when he asked them to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger since his rating as the president’s replacement on The Apprentice TV Show. It was meant as a joke, but the press and even Arnold took exception at this levity.

I pointed out back in 2009 when people were critical of President Obama’s missteps as he took office that it is just growing pains of taking the most powerful job in the free world. I mention this to say I have been consistent in saying that first term presidents need to adjust to the new job. There will be missteps. He and his administration will screw up. Trying to destroy them because of this is a partisan game I believe the electorate will react to negatively.

I’ve said on my show that the liberals need to do an honest review of the factors that caused them to lose the presidency, as well as more ground in congress. Without this review, then an adjustment to compensate for their failures will be detrimental to future success at the ballot box. Playing the partisan games they’ve always played because “That’s how it is done.” without adjusting their platform, tactics, and approach to be more in sync with the electorate will only dig a deeper hole.

We all know the popular vote argument is invalid. If liberals had a true grasp on what the electorate truly wants they would have control of one, or both houses of congress since Trump won. It was a change election, but it was more than that. It was “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!” change election. Until liberals allow that reality to set in, realize that people want them to stick to their principals but be willing to look past partisan games to do the people’s work, they will continue to be a part of the problem. Voters will continue to speak at the ballot box until this message is received and things really change.



So this message will take some time to complete. There will be way too many links to complete this quickly. I’ve been editing this in my head for almost  week. I want to say upfront that the reason I decided to write this is because I want to document what I see going on.


I actually began writing this on October 15th, but the information has changed several times since, so I am updating it in hopes of releasing it this morning. I’m going to break this down by several topic areas to make it a little easier to digest. Please feel free to make comments on my Facebook page as this will be posted there.


Hillary Clinton - Photo from

Hillary Clinton – Photo from

  • What If the renewed FBI investigation into her emails cause her to be indited? The timing of before or after she takes office if she wins is not really consequential. Either way she will politically live under a cloud for whatever amount of time she is allowed to remain in office. If she is found guilty of any of these charges she will be disqualified from holding office (via federal laws) and Tim Kaine  becomes the next president of the United States.
  • What if the FBI Investigation of The Clinton Foundation results in an indictment? Before you pull the “Well she hasn’t been indicted or convicted of anything yet” argument, realize that there is information out there that states that certain politically motivated parties in the Department of Justice have retarded the progress of a full investigation at every possible junction. Again, most of the charges would disqualify Clinton to continue to hold the office of President if she were to be found guilty.
  • What if Clinton is indicted on any charge, but then pleads it down to something that would allow her to remain in office? Would you still have faith that she is capable of performing the duties of President?
  • What if any one of the countries that supposedly gained access to her unsecured, private email server decided to use the information to blackmail Clinton? How would we know what was going on? After the Iran deal, and the Russian Uranium sale, is there anyway to tell if she would be under duress?


Donald Trump - Photo from

Donald Trump – Photo from

  • What if even one of the women that has come forward after the Access Hollywood tape and his denials of wrongdoing could actually prove they were molested by Mr. Trump in some way? Did the group coming forward after such an obvious attempt to derail Trump’s campaign skew their chances of being believed? Did Jessica Drake’s attempt to cash in on her claims by launching a sex toy and sex advice website just hours before making her claims discredit her? Would any verification impede his ability to work as President? Would this irreparably damage his reputation domestically or internationally?
  • What if Trump is found liable in the civil suit against Trump University? He will be forced to pay damages if the case is won, but would that affect his ability to perform his duties as president? Is it possible that the plaintiffs in this suit were not successful due to conditions beyond Trump’s control. Did Trump make some written or verbal guarantee that every student who used his strategies be successful?
  • What if Trump is sued again by the woman who has tried twice before seeking damages from an alleged rape in 1994? The California suit was dismissed by a judge, and she withdrew a suit filed for her in New York because of alleged threats being made against her. This case has no physical evidence. The only evidence mentioned is her statements and a statement from one of her friends. Again, this is a civil matter so Trump would only face fines if the courts find the case has merit and damages are awarded.
  • What if the recent accusations levelled by the Wall Street Journal that Trump had an extramarital affair with 1998 Playboy Playmate Of The Year Karen McDougal in 2006 are proven true? While it is while he was married to his current wife, Melania it does not have any bearing on his ability to be president. The story is actually that supposedly the parent company of The National Enquirer paid Ms. McDougal $150K for the story and then decided not to publish it. The publishers claim that they paid her to do a column and to do some cover pictures. Ms. McDougal refuses to comment, and Trump’s camp denies that the information is accurate.


  • What if all the talk about how Trump has a “very narrow path” or that the “election is already over” implying Clinton has won has the opposite of the desired effect? This is a ploy to attempt to discourage Trump voters from wasting their time by going out and voting. I have said from the beginning that the majority of pundits out there in the MSM do not grasp the anger of the electorate. Media and many campaigners are ignoring the fact that Trump has become a viable candidate because voters are fed up with the constant arguing and nothing getting done. The likely backfire is that this language will only inflame the people Trump needs at the polls on Tuesday, while simultaneously impeding the voters Clinton needs due to the fact media is repeatedly spouting off how this is over and Hillary is our next President. Millennials and African-Americans are already unenthused about this election, having CNN, MSNBC, and Broadcast News Outlets constantly saying it’s a done deal gives them the push to need to stay home.
  • What if all the anti-Trump coverage has turned voters off to the outlets that continue to skew their coverage in favor of Clinton?


  • What if the information that has been released thus far about the DNC, Clinton’s Campaign, The Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s Emails were furnished to Wikileaks by people working within these organizations that could no longer sit by and watch the bad behavior and illegal activities. Think about this for a second, they can’t find one member of Anonymous, haven’t tracked one person that recently disrupted internet traffic across the country, but they know the Russians are feeding Wikileaks? Recent articles say they are pretty sure it isn’t.
  • What if it is proven that the information provided is accurate and unchanged from when it was on the original servers? Does it change your perception of how fair elections are run? Should the collusion and subterfuge used to attempt to gain any possible advantage over an opponent cry out for major reform in the entire election process?

The video straight from C-Span. I like to get the bigger picture. So I thought I would share how I watch this kind of thing. A straight feed. No Pundits. No analysis. Just what is really said.


In case you haven’t heard about this, San Francisco 49er QB Colin Kaepernick sat down during the national anthem last night before their preseason game. Here is a video of the story ESPN ran.

NFL Network’s Steve Wyche talked to him after the game, and here the story (video from NFL Network attached to story) Steve filed with the explanation from Kaepernick. Essentially he says he did it because of how African Americans, and people of color are oppressed in America.

Let me start my comments by stating that while I completely disagree with Mr. Kaepernick’s opinion, I fully respect his right to peacefully protest in the manner he did. I think instead of this symbolic gesture before a preseason game, this young man could have made a much more impactful statement in a much more useful way. He did get attention from this, so I guess in that way he is at least gaining an audience for the cause. However, if you feel African Americans are being oppressed in America then I would think someone of Mr. Kaepernick’s wealth and status could use some of his money and influence to help start a true discussion about this instead of sitting down for less than 3 minutes during the start of a preseason to “protest” this.

Look, the fact is there is a problem, and we as a society need to come together and address it. I don’t believe that there is one party at fault. I don’t think there will be a one size fits all answer to solve this.

We need to weed out the bad actors in the police force. I believe that is already started. However, as has been proven repeatedly there are not as many bad law enforcement officers out there as some would have you believe. Most of the men and women that are sworn to protect our communities are hard working, god fearing, family loving people that just want to do their job, and get to go home at the end of their shift. We still need to make sure every effort is made to wash out the people that would abuse their powers as a law enforcement officer before they get their badge. We need to make sure that reports of abuse are properly investigated so that the people who are already in law enforcement and abuse the office are caught, prosecuted, and removed.

We also need to be honest about how people treat law enforcement these days. I know I have seen first hand people get hostile with law enforcement when an officer or deputy is just trying to do his or her job. Not every person that is stopped by law enforcement is a thug looking to do illegal things, but not every person that is approached by law enforcement behaves properly either. You have to be willing to allow law enforcement to do their job, which means be respectful when pulled over, listen and follow their commands, and above all else, do not become confrontational or hostile towards them.

Now that I have said that, I have no sympathy to those that break the law. I am no angel, don’t get me wrong, but if you are breaking the law and get caught, that is not the time to pretend you’re Butch Cassidy or The Sundance Kid, or any other famous outlaw who shot it out and got away from the law. Don’t try to outsmart the law, that’s what they have high priced lawyers and the court system for. If you’re innocent, that can be proven there. The important fact is, it is better to fight an arrest in court, than take your life in your own hands fighting on the street with law enforcement.

Kaepernick did this, he has gotten attention for it, and he will now have to face the consequences of his actions. I believe those will involve losing support from law enforcement, veterans, and he will most likely lose some if not all of his endorsement deals, if he still has any. Since he is underperforming in the preseason, this was a hollow stunt performed by a guy on his last leg on his way out the door in San Francisco.

I get the importance of the message, but the messenger used the wrong tactic, and his timing was off too.


State Sen. Jonathan Perry Courtesy of Louisiana Legislature Website

State Sen. Jonathan Perry Courtesy of Louisiana Legislature Website

Courtesy of Cajun Navy Shirts

Courtesy of Cajun Navy Shirts

In case you haven’t heard about this, the story is here, here, and here. From what I can gather, Louisiana State Senator Johnathan Perry went on KPEL-FM/Lafayette and talked about proposing legislation that would allow people that want to help in emergency situations (like the recent flooding) to get training and certification that would allow them to help in those situations without being constantly hassled by law enforcement or break state law by going beyond law enforcement perimeters in those situations.

First, from a facebook video Senator Perry has posted he is stating that people are saying hateful things about him, and making threats against him and his family. This is not right. I don’t care if you think his idea is flawed, stupid, cray cray, or wrong, that is not a reason to attack Senator Perry or threaten him. Again, debate the idea, not attack anyone you disagree with.

While I think the senator has great intentions, I believe this is in need of some work before any legislation is proposed. First, anyone wanting to help should be coordinating with local law enforcement, not attempting to side step them. If there are perimeters setup, they are in place for a reason, and if you’re going beyond it you should a) know what you are doing, b) be a part of the coordinated effort so that people are not either part of the problem, nor getting in the way, and c) be willing to take direction from the authorities in charge so resources (that would be you) can be used in the best way possible. I understand the desire to remove restrictions from people that are willing to help, but this method as it stands seems to be a recipe for people showing up with an attitude of “I’m certified, so I can do what I want.”

Look, Senator Perry, and anyone else that wants to help. Get together with the Louisiana Sheriffs Association and the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police, State and Parish Emergency Preparedness Officials and figure out how to put a program together that would allow people to volunteer to assist in emergencies. If we want to train these people so they are a true asset in emergencies then let’s find a way to do that. However, the big thing here is that any rescue efforts, including by volunteers, needs to be coordinated through the proper authorities to assure that we are maximizing the coverage with the resources available.

As for the costs to cover this new undertaking, I am sure if we come up with a viable plan, explain the plan to the public, and put out an appeal to help fund it, us Cajuns will make it happen.




Well, I do this way more than I should. In tonight’s little adventure I started tweaking one or two little things on Louisiana Today‘s website, and next thing I know it’s 4am. Now, it is not always the case that I start a project and become so focused on my goal I spend the twilight hours toiling away instead of in a deep slumber. Usually I am awake at this point of the morning because I start pondering the “what-if’s” in my life and end up with a thought process that refuses to shut down. From the amount of social media friends posting this time of morning, I am not hardly alone in the endeavor.

I much prefer a night of highly focused work and getting a task completed instead of lying awake for hours on end contemplating how I can best provide the life I want to give to my wife and kids. This might seem silly at first, but remember we rebuilt what we have now after losing almost all we owned when I got sick and lost both my feet to diabetic complications in late 2011 and early 2012. Even though my outlook is bright on several levels, I am as human as everyone else. I have those dark moments when I feel like nothing will ever work out for me.

A few weeks ago I got to watch The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake Roberts. I was concerned at first when one by one, the kids and Brunella all had “things to do” and left me home. Alone. With my Netflix movie. But, as I realize more and more these days, God has a plan, and I was left alone to watch this event on my own for good reason.

Jake was my favorite wrestler growing up. I loved how he always kept his cool. He was a smart alec like me, and he outsmarted his opponent (most of the time). He was the original “cerebral assassin” or the “master of the mind (we’ll use job)” as my dad used to call him. In his day, he was one of the brightest stars of the profession.

The movie shows Jake at his lowest point. He’s an alcoholic and an addict. He could barely walk, and in some cases barely make a complete sentence he was so high. The movie documents how Jake faced his demons with the help of fellow wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, and then helped “Razor Ramon” who’s real name is Scott Hall walk back from the brink as well. There are many emotional moments in the movie, but there is one that hit home for me.

Jake was having a bad day in this scene and walks out the house completely frustrated. When they finally get to the root of his issue, it is that Jake never felt he was good enough. Even with the fame, the fortune, and the money, he never felt he deserved the accolades he received. He felt he was worthless. He felt sooner or later someone would figure that out and it would all go away. He hid in the booze and pill bottles and it eventually became his reality.

I relate because there are times where I have felt that same useless, worthless, and self defeating feeling creep up on me. It is one of the reasons I work hard to stay focused. It is also why I always have a plan “B”, plan “C”, and so forth. While I admit those doubts come to me, I also know that the only way to combat them is to prove to myself I have the skills, knowledge, and experience to make a difference. I have to prove to myself I am someone who matters. Again, God seems to always be there nudging me in the right direction when my life seems to be at its darkest.

I’ve told this story several times, but never have I written it out. On October 17, 2011 I stumbled into the Emergency Room of University Hospital in New Orleans dizzy, with red streaks running up my right leg from a small puncture wound on my big toe I received less than 48 hours earlier. The ER Doctor took one look at my leg and said “it’s either the leg or your life, your call.” I was in surgery less than 2 hours later, my right leg was amputated below my knee, and I was in a medically induced coma for a week after that. When I finally got past the groggy feeling from the drugs, the movie The Shawshank Redemption popped in my head. “You either get busy living, or get busy dying.” was the line in my brain. I figured since I didn’t die on the operating table, it meant I was still here to do something I haven’t finished yet.

Since that day, I walk when doctors swore that would never be possible. I completed a degree at The University of New Orleans. I am working two jobs in radio. I have multiple chances to get back to work full time doing work I love. I am lucky. I am blessed.

For some reason I felt compelled to write this, so I don’t know who you are, but I know God has me doing this so you know it will be OK. Take some deep breaths. Things will work out in God’s time. Do the footwork, plan what needs to be done, and it will all happen like it is supposed to.




I continue to be amazed as I watch people I know, people I trust, people I respect just continue to be twisted up in the division and political rhetoric that has become commonplace politics in America these days. I will give examples,  but I never remember my parents, or grandparents becoming so divided and easily manipulated into spouting off talking points as I see numerous times everyday. Maybe it is because we have become a society that no longer values consensus, or one that has forgotten how to compromise. Maybe it is because social media, blogging, and viral videos has turned everyone into certified experts in everything. Maybe it’s true, society has gotten so dumbed down that the movie Idiocracy is playing out before our very eyes.

The latest flights of lunacy involve the current situation with the flooding and devastation in Louisiana over the past week or so. The American Red Cross says it is the worst disaster to befall the United States since Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast. Upwards of one hundred thousand homes were flooded, some went completely underwater. Some people still haven’t been able to get back into their homes to even assess the extent of the damage and loss they have suffered yet. Thousands of people are still in shelters, without a place to go, and with no material possessions left.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

I am of the mind that any and all focus we can get to start the aid process for these families is where we need to be at this time. That goes for every politician, from every political affiliation, and whether they are running for office or not. Now is the time to rally the troops, so to speak, get the people, the resources, and the money needed for rebuilding and making these people’s lives whole again as soon as humanly possible flowing this way. Time to organize donation drives, fundraisers, and help get volunteers down into the areas where work can start.

Courtesy of OnlineAthens

Courtesy of OnlineAthens

Now, for the most part, the rest of my fellow Cajuns (I despise the word Louisianians) have done that. Many of us have worked in every way we can to make sure that people were retrieved, then taken to safety, many made sure that these victims of this natural disaster had a place to sleep, clean clothes to wear, and delicious food made with love to sustain them. I took to social media, and then the airwaves to get the information out that these victims needed to start rebuilding once the waters subsided. That has now become a mission to help organizers get the word out so that the people that can help others know where they can go to offer their love and support. This has come in the form of donations of food, water, items, money, and most importantly many people have volunteered their time to assist in whatever way they are needed.

The outpouring from our state has been tremendous. There are so many great stories of people working together to get the people and resources needed to the places and people that are so desperate for assistance right now. I have talked to people that essentially loaded up by the busload from unaffected areas to drive into the devastation to help people they’ve never met before, because they knew it needed to be done.

What upsets me is the political games being played by politicians up and down the scorecard, from both sides of the aisle with this tragedy. What has happened here should never become a political talking point. It’s not just the campaigns doing this, but it is getting down to people are are normally friends getting into a knock down, drag out fight (thankfully usually on social media) over defending their candidate of choice.

A politician coming to show support to the flood victims, or deciding to staying away for whatever reason should not become a social media argument where foul language is used, names are called, and people belittled. There are many ways to support the people affected here, and not everyone will make the same choices. No one wants to watch American citizens suffer. While a visit and a few minute conversation with an elected official or candidate may be a great distraction, most people now are more concerned with picking up the pieces and getting their lives back together.



While on this point, belittling someone because they took time to come down, bring toys for the kids, supplies for the victims, gave money to help, plus took time to visit with not only state and local officials coordinating the relief efforts, but also visited the affected area, as well as spent time talking to those people that have lost so much doesn’t help your cause. Pointing out that he only spent moments helping unload the TRUCK LOAD of toys and supplies he brought with him, or that he refused to eat the food prepared for the victims makes you look petty and vindictive, not the person you are trying to demean. Yes, in this case we’re talking about Trump, but I will most likely have to revisit this same train of thought after Obama visits on Tuesday, and his detractors attempt to dissect his time down here.

I’ll be blunt, which shouldn’t be a surprise. The complete focus, especially for anyone from Louisiana should be to help our fellow Cajuns recover, rebuild, and return to their normal lives as soon as possible. Help get the damage mitigated. Help those who need it find the assistance they need. We should welcome any who wish to come help. It doesn’t matter if they come with a truck full of tools, an 18 wheeler full of donations, or a gaggle of national media. It will all help get the word out, which only gets our friends and family more assistance.

November will be here before we know it. If you’ve made your choices great, if not, you have time before you cast your ballot. Please, stop all the political posturing. End all the bickering and bull. Find the friends and family that are in need right now. HELP THEM.


Courtesy of NFL Fourms

Courtesy of NFL Fourms

I watched the game, and I had to keep reminding myself that this is only a preseason game. That did not stop me from yelling at the players like they could hear me, nor did it stop my 3 or 4 attempts to throw something at my TV.

The good:

Saints D seems to be getting decent penetration.

The Bad:

Offense dropping way too many catchable balls.

Offense seems to be dealing with a bad case of fumbleitus.

The Ugly:

Only a few guys seem fired up.

Talked to another armchair Saints expert, and his word was lethargic.



In case you haven’t noticed it on my facebook page, or my twitter feed, I am hosting a show called Louisiana Today. Brunella convinced (with help and encouragement from several friends) me several months ago to start the show as a podcast with the eventual goal to bring the show to radio. It is a concept I worked with my mentor several years ago to bring to radio, but at the time the business, and technology wasn’t quite where it is today.

My goal was always to start with KTIB 640-AM/Thibodaux, LA for several reasons. First, it is the closest station to my hometown of Raceland. Second, it is the station that I first got on the air as a kid. Third, it was the last station I programmed. Linda B. Bourgeois, the station’s longtime manager and I worked hard to make a decent local station back in the day. It seemed the second we got it on the right track, the owners took control of the station from the company running it under a Lease Management Agreement, and the short version is they ran it into the ground and eventually off the air. I had a family to provide for, so I couldn’t stay, and moved onto another gig. I always felt I owed it to Linda and myself to come back and right that situation.

We’ve remained friends through the years. I’ve always helped Linda when I could, and when we decided it was time for me to do Louisiana Today, she was the first person we called. It took time to get it on the air because we wanted to put it in a time slot that would help the station. Well, to be honest, I told Linda and Brunella I didn’t care where it was put, I’d make it successful (Yes, The Cajun Nightmare is still alive and well.) Brunella and Linda kept working on the when and where, while I kept fleshing out the show on the podcast.

When the extent of the flooding started to become apparent a little over a week back I started working on finding all the information I could. Since I am no longer an able bodied person I would only be a hindrance instead of a help on the ground.  I decided I needed to find all the correct, verifiable information out there and spread the information as far as I could. While I was busy gathering information, Brunella and Linda decided it was time for the next step.

Last Monday at 8am I went live on 640-AM KTIB at 8AM for the first time in a dozen years. I spent the hour sharing the information I had found, interviewing people that were needing the public’s help to assist flood victims, and even got to share a segment with Dialogue’s Gene Richard. In the week since we have moved me to 6pm so that we’ve got two opportunities to share information with KTIB’s audience between Gene’s show and mine.

I am so grateful for the positive response. We continue to get messages from friends, and family as they learn I’m back on the air. We continue to be reminded how small the Bayou Region truly is. At least once a day since we started, someone we interview talks to someone we’ve known for years, and then we get the “they’re talking about you” messages.

Thanks to everyone. I hope you enjoy what we’re doing.