When I am not on a full time schedule with work or school, I tend to become a big kid. I’ve been catching up on the hours of gaming I do not allow myself to indulge during the Fall or Spring semesters. My son Logan and I decided to attempt to get through the Mass Effect Trilogy this summer. We’ve talked about trying this series of games before but always found something else that was a higher priority.


Thursday night since our youngest daughter was on an adventure with her BFF, and our youngest wore himself out early, I decided to veg out in the living room playing Mass Effect. I began playing and got through one mission, then another, and next thing I know it is 7 am Friday morning.

In an attempt to not disturb my wife, I decided to lay down on the couch, and put the TV on the local morning news. I barely watch TV anymore so I get a bad case of “A D Oh Shiny” when I do actually sit there trying to kill time. I started flipping channels and ended up on CNN (an old radio habit).

As I tried to doze off, I heard them make the announcement that the Supreme Court had ruled to legalize Gay Marriage across the country. The news is not a shock to me. As I have stated, both in writing and on air, I think that people should be able to share their lives with the person they want. As long as the love is there, it should not matter if they are gay or straight.



I was happy to see that the Supreme Court did not side step the issue. They did something that is a broad stroke to make it legal everywhere, instead of having to hear a case from each of the 14 states that had some form of “defense of traditional marriage” law or constitutional amendment to their state constitution (like was done here in Louisiana). I was happy.

My wife actually texted a gay friend of ours that was planning an out of state wedding for him and his partner of many years later this year. It will now be in their home state. While it may “not have anything to do with the constitution” as Chief Justice Roberts wrote in his minority decision, it was the right thing to do so we can move forward as a country.

The ruling was a victory for millions of gay couples that have fought for years to be treated as any other married couple. This has never been about getting the same benefits as married couples, or the same rights. It has always been about being treated as an equal.


My anger began to build when not sixty seconds after the ruling was announced, the CNN team began to pontificate about how this will hurt republican presidential candidates because this issue help draw voters to the polls in 2004. Not five minutes into the coverage Wolf Blitzer said for the first time (he said it at least 10) that this was “A HUGE victory for PRESIDENT OBAMA” which struck me as weird. Did Obama come out of the closet? Is Michelle really a man? How does this ruling that finally gives gay couples the legal right to get married in the United States a “victory” for Obama?


Before you try to defend this, remember Obama was against gay marriage before he was for it. He became for it because polling showed his political machine that the core voters that got him elected was on the other side of the issue than he was. He changed his mind to get more votes.

The real winners here are the couples that have had to resort to getting married somewhere that allowed gay marriage, and then came back home to live in a place where their marriage was not technically legal. The victory is in the fact that the Supreme Court looked past all the politics, and focused on the fact that allowing marriage equality was the American thing to do.


The only thing that Obama could be credited with is nominating 2 of the 5 justices that voted for this to become the new law of the land. He did not put this case before the supreme court. He did not lobby for this decision. So how is this his victory? Obama tweeted his pleasure in the SCOTUS ruling moments after the announcement using the hash tag #LoveWins which went viral. He later made a statement in the rose garden stating the this was a “Victory for America” which is actually true (having to say something factual must have been hard).

I also got upset when all of a sudden dozens of national companies changed the logos on their social platforms to something with a rainbow on it. I am glad they are supportive now, but to me it is very disingenuous to try to gain some type of foothold by showing support now that all the hard work has been done. It is hollow and is not something that should be endorsed or condoned. If they wanted to support marriage equality, the help was needed long before flipping into a rainbow logo today after the fight was won. Maybe I am just too cynical.




I’m sitting here watching the end of LSU Baseball‘s season. They made it to the College World Series tournament in Omaha again, and once again they got knocked out of the event in what people are already calling embarrassing fashion. I have to admit I have been yelling at my TV off and on over the past several innings. I am not a die-hard purple and gold fanatic, but I do watch them every post season. I watch my friends lose their minds what seems like every year when the Bayou Bengals have the inevitable meltdown.

Nuclear Meltdown Facebook timeline cover.

Nuclear Meltdown Facebook timeline cover.

Once it was clear that LSU had begun the path to elimination social media exploded with calls for LSU Baseball coach Paul Mainieri to be fired. The arguments are consistent and clear. While the program has reached the post season, and is arguably one of the top 10 baseball programs in the country, it seems like for a majority of fans, this is not a successful enough program.



No one likes losing, but what benchmarks are the right ones to determine a successful team? Is it just the win-loss record? How many players are all-stars? How about how many times the team goes to the post season? Maybe it should be how far the team is successful in the post season? Maybe the only true sign is winning it all? No matter where the bar is set the team will eventually not be able to cross it. The fact is no matter how well coached, or how deep the roster there will be seasons that do not live up to the expectations that are set for them.

Today’s spotlight is on LSU Baseball, but this same criteria is applied to every team, college or professional. Here in Louisiana, You hear the same calls when something goes wrong with all the college football teams, The Saints, The Pelicans, The Zephyrs, and even my beloved UNO Privateers. There is always a desire to see your team(s) excel every season.



When the team starts to have issues, every aspect of the team is called into question. In the era of instant media, it is dissected a million different ways by every expert, from the “armchair expert” to the guys that have done it all, no angle is left unexplored.

This exhaustive dissection causes even the die-hard fan to begin to question the success of their favorite team(s). Does’t matter that they have been a consistent part of their league’s post season. It is forgotten that they have sent a group of players to the pros annually, or that a bunch of the players on this squad become all-stars every year. None of that matters when the team falls short of that championship.

This doesn’t mean there should never be any criticism of the team’s performance. It doesn’t mean the managers should not be constantly working to improve the players, coaches, and team overall. The only way to make a product that remains consistent is to work to improve it every chance you get. The only way to get those championships, to become a dynasty is to never accept that you are “as good as it gets.” Look at any successful person, they got that way because instead of giving up or being satisfied, they strive to constantly evolve, to be better than they were last time, and they are never happy with good enough.



While we all scream at the TV at the apparent meltdown of the team tonight, the players, and the coaches are sitting there beating themselves up trying to figure out what went wrong. They are already working through how to overcome the issues that brought them to tonight’s loss, and to the end of another season that has fallen short. While we as fans are disappointed, the people on the team are devastated. Winning teams take the heartache and disappointment and turn it into drive and motivation to work harder, push further, and become a better team.

While LSU has ended their 2015 baseball season, I promise you that the work to be a better team in 2016 has already begun. The Saints are a great example of this constant evolution. Seems like they never stop working on finding better players, or trying new concepts in an attempt to be a better team. Sometimes it works, and others (like last season) we all sit there yelling at the TV.



I was trying to avoid this, but it won’t seem to go away. In this case, I am referring to the story of the man that allegedly found a rat deep fried in his KFC dinner. The story started as a social media post, and was quickly picked up by local TV, then the national media soon was calling it a tragedy.


Not surprising, this was a hoax. If you look closely at the above picture, which started the whole thing, it clearly shows that the flesh of the item in question has the same color and consistency as chicken. It may be misshapen, but it is nothing but chicken after all.


When I first heard this story, before even seeing the pictured item in question, my mind wondered to the movie Striptease. I actually was forced to watch the movie many years ago when I worked for a short time as a strip club DJ. My boss felt I could learn some pointers on how to properly “sell” the entertainers if I learned to mimic the DJ in the movie.  It is not a great piece of American cinema, but the scene I recalled (pictured above) is the one when the club’s bouncer/bodyguard (played by Ving Rhames) is trying to scam an establishment by placing a rat in some food. Art imitating life, this is not, but the idea is not new.

This is not the first incident of someone using social media to attempt to shame an establishment to get something done. I did that recently when I found some issues with the handicap access at a local convenience store. The regional manager contacted me within a few hours and he now trains his managers to avoid this problem since then. That is the proper way to use social media for good, but that is not what with done in the KFC incident.


From what I have read, this guy posted the pic and said he was served a rat at KFC. He went on a local radio show and claimed the store manager confirmed it was a rat. KFC has said in statements that the alleged victim, Devorise Dixon (nor any parties representing him) have contacted the local store or KFC corporate. I believe he expected he was going to “get paid” because KFC would do whatever it took to get that picture removed from social media. Instead, the company weathered the storm, waited for the facts to be presented, then was able to show that this was a misunderstanding at best.

This is becoming much more prevalent in our instant access world. Someone makes an accusation, and before the facts are in, before the truth comes to light, the “armchair experts” on social media have already played judge, jury, and executioner. This is not what social media was meant to be used for. I am not saying it should all be recipes and what ya at, but there are too many people that decide they know the truth when the truth has not been found yet. The scary thing is its not just in stuff like this KFC story, but also breaking hard news, tradegic events, and even sporting stories.

This is not me bashing social media. I love to use the tools available on social media to connect with family, friends, and people I have worked with across the country. I share news stories on almost every social platform I use, but when I start following a story, I try to see it through to the end. I use my brain to analyze the information presented in the article, post, or tweet, and if it sounds even slightly off, I start reading. I have found articles shared by others that are completely wrong and years old. I have even been duped into sharing something incorrect, but I came back later and pointed to the corrected information once I had confirmed the information.


I’ve heard this blamed on society becoming dumber. That is a complete crock of horsesh*t. It’s not intelligence, it is about people wanting to believe what they are told. Everyone wants to trust that the information they are being given is correct, accurate, and that most people want to be honest upstanding citizens too. That is not the case. There are people that are looking to get rich quick, those that get off on screwing with people’s heads, and even more that are so messed up they just do it because they can.


How do we slow down the people that want to use social media as a way to make a quick buck? Well, to quote my mom (my kids are cringing) “You got to think, think, think!” What does that mean? If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If the first time you hear something (like the KFC story) that little voice in the back of your head goes “That can’t be right!” wait a tick or two before sharing it.

That advice not only goes for people on social media, for for my fellow broadcasters too. I know your bosses want you to get the “exclusive” and be the first to break the story. That is great and the graphics for “(Name of your station) Exclusive” look so great next to your face, but how do you think the reporters that “broke” this story feel now that this was obviously bad information. I know it is old fashioned, but I still try to remember to go with that old standard of getting information from two reliable sources before I run with it. I actually prefer more. The extra time you take could be the difference between sharing correct information or spreading gossip.



First, let me say that my thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by Tropical Storm Bill. I know it is not a Category 5 Hurricane, but the path Bill is taking is one that has already had a ton of recent rainfall, so this system will only complicate the already bad situation. Hopefully the system will be out of the area soon and they will get some time for things to dry out.


The big political news today is that Donald Trump is now officially a Republican candidate for president. Media pundits have already tried to pull him apart. I love the fact that the first thing they attack is he doesn’t have a speech writing team polishing everything he says. He is brash, loud, and making suggestions the talking heads have immediately discounted as completely impossible to achieve. While they feel this is a joke, or a publicity stunt (HELLO, this is DONALD TRUMP! He has no NEED for MORE publicity!), or my favorite media insight, “He’s doing this because he is bored.” 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I honestly think that if he takes this seriously and actually wins the nomination, then then the presidency that it would be a matter of days after he took office before a giant flashing Trump sign would adorn The White House’s front lawn. Is he really making a run? Who the hell knows, but it should make the next several month of politics entertaining to say the least.


Here’s an idea, if he gets weeded out of the Republican nomination process, will he pull a Ross Perot and finance a run as an independent? He has the one thing Perot didn’t, great name recognition nationwide.He could really flip the script on the entire process.

To all these high strung talking heads, I can only say you really need to strap in for the long haul. I am not an expert in presidential politics, but my gut tells me this has happened because Trump did not see anyone else in the field he felt could disrupt the democratic coronation of Hillary. I honestly think he will be in this until the election no matter if he gets the Republican nomination or not, for that one reason alone. Obama’s policies have made Trump lose money, and The Donald is not going to sit by and let things get worse just to allow us to be graced with the first woman president in the United States.


Got to watch some more of the events from E3 which is going on all week in Los Angeles. I am a gamer, have been since I was a kid. I remember playing pong on that first generation console as a kid. I had the Atari and bought a new game every time I could save the money. Bought my first NES not too long after I moved into my own place, and Brunella bought me the Super Nintendo the Christmas after it came out. I mention all this to tell you my interest in the upcoming releases is not something new, nor is it me trying to gain cool points with my teenagers.


This is our 3rd year geeking out on the week of E3. We don’t watch every showcase from every provider, but the makers of Logan, Lia, and my favorite games are a  can’t miss. I’ve already explained our obsession with Bethesda Softworks (Makers or DOOM, Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, and Fallout).

three-seconds-of-doom-shown-in-t skyrim-soundtrack-1600x1600-1359653369 dishonored-protagonist-wallpaper img_7035


We also have the complete game/movie collection of Hitman. Another favorite of the whole family is Assassin’s Creed, which Logan and I have each individually played the entire story mode of every release. Logan goes more for straight up kamikaze (blow up everything). I go for the more subtle sneak in and only take out the ones in the way approach.

404263-hitmancover ACS_Box_art_20150512_1830cet-720x903


We have watched these presentations with glee as they are either releasing higher resolution versions of our favorite games for PS4, XBox One, and PC, or Like with Fallout, Hitman, DOOM, and Elder Scrolls; they are expanding their online gaming platforms and bringing whole new experiences to us soon. I know Logan wants a PS4 for Christmas, but Fallout 4 is coming in October. I am not sure if I can wait that long to play it.





So, it’s a little after 5am and I have not gone to bed yet. This morning at least has a purpose. One of my instructors has decided he can curb cheating on an online exam by forcing all the students text him between 6am and 9am to request the password needed to access the online exam. If you fail to request the password in the required time window, or get the password from a fellow student instead of texting a request,  you automatically get a zero on the exam. Since this is the first time I have faced this type of oppressive action by an instructor in the 3 years I’ve been in college I am choosing to take this as he is new or is reacting to a former student’s negative actions.

Staying up all night is not something new to me. Sometimes it is for a fun, or worthwhile cause like finishing a game I’ve been playing,  cramming for an exam/final, or even enjoying the company of a long lost friend. Those sporadic events are times that losing sleep have a purpose. When you’ve made a memory or accomplished a task by losing sleep, you may be tired, but you know it was worth it.

The bad nights are the ones when I get wrapped up my own head. I spend the night trying to figure out where it all went wrong. My brain just goes into overdrive. I don’t just think about it, I analyze and dissect every action, inaction, and moment of every event in my life. Was this the right decision?  Was that the right choice for our family? How would a different action have changed our lives. This night of sleepless misery accomplishes nothing. For me, there is no way to stop one of these nights once they start. All I can do is ride it out. Gaming doesn’t distract me, nor does reading, watching TV, nor surfing the internet. The argument rages in my head until all the points have been exhausted.

Eventually, after hours of beating myself up the truth finally sets in. While others see the wrong decisions, when I calmly, objectively look at our life it finally dawns on me that we ended up where we were meant to be. It was part of God’s plan for our family.

The fact is that while I have made mistakes,  I have done what we thought was best for our family at the time.

Since I have spent the hour writing this, I will close by saying tonight has a purpose,  and my bed is looking pretty good now that my text has been sent. Have a great day.


We are watching E3 coverage on YouTube right now. I am amazed how many great games are about to be released. We need to go back and watch the Fallout 4 presentation done last night. We misunderstood the press information and thought it was being showcased tonight.

I want to play Star Wars Battlefront now that I got to see the game play. Like many others I am puzzled by the comment about being in “a real X Wing when you fly an X Wing. “

Heard old boss Ken Williams and his wife Roberta mentioned during an interview and just smiled. It was cool to hear someone speak about someone I know with such respect and reverence. Kings Quest was the game they were discussing.

We’ve decided to go watch the Fallout 4 showcase. I’ll post out thoughts after it and the last of my homework for my summer classes.


There is so much going on right now figured I’d give you my take on some of the things happening. I’m not going to take these in any particular order. Read, enjoy, drop me a note on Twitter or Facebook if you want to comment.

Let me address the elephant in the room: My thoughts on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Glad she is getting to fulfill a lifelong dream. I don’t think the Olympic medals won when Bruce competed should be taken away, period. I do not think these events makes Jenner a hero, nor would I advise someone to partake that path in life. I find it unacceptable that anyone that disagrees with these choices are considered homophobic or evil. Finally, I think ESPN is exploiting this person for ratings, as is E! Television and Ryan Seacrest, for ratings and greed.

Another thing that got me is the reaction to the two murders that were discovered in the New Orleans area along I-10 in the past few weeks. There was a backlash on social media accusing the local media of covering up, and then failing to investigate the possibility that the murders were connected, and/or may be the work of a serial killer. With the investigative journalist we have in this area, if that was even slightly possible, it would have been completely vetted in short order. I saw one journalist I know ask publicly if this was being looked into and another start to blow a gasket on social media because a cover-up was being suggested. We now know that one person allegedly jumped from a vehicle at 60 MPH on the interstate to get away from a boyfriend that had allegedly beaten and was in the process of kidnapping her. I try not to get caught up in the accusations thrown around social media by “armchair experts” that have few facts nor a true grasp of reality. This type of pressure on social media for instant resolution of complex issues has caused some poor judgement by politically motivated leaders in other parts of the country. I am glad in this case the truth was quickly discovered, and justice is being served.

Another local issue that has disturbed me is the three ring circus surrounding the trial of Terry Speaks. He is the man accused of murdering and dismembering Jaren Lockhart before dumping her body in the Gulf of Mexico. This guy seems to be represented by the legal team of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe. They are throwing every possible legal pleading imaginable out there to see what sticks. None of it will work. This guy has watched way too many episodes Matlock, Perry Mason, and Boston Legal.

Finally, I will end this thing talking about something fun, at least for me. I thought the TV media had learned its lesson after the world famous “wardrobe malfunction” during the Superbowl Halftime show several years ago. I remember how radio stations around the country scrambled to put in audio delays to avoid something vulgar leaking out unintentionally. Why in the world was the NBA Finals being run without a delay? LeBron James had a “wardrobe malfunction” this week during the game and “Little LBJ” decided to say hi to the millions and million of viewers at home. It has been joked about all week. Why is LeBron’s penis not getting people as worked up as Janet Jackson’s nipple?? I don’t understand.


I have been putting this off for a while, but since it is summer now, the time to get this going is now. If you haven’t been keeping up with me, you can catch me on this Facebook Page or this Twitter Page.

Since I am no longer working in radio, I have a limited income so it was with a heavy heart I had to allow my website hosting account that I have kept for over a decade go late last year. I lost all the data on those sites, as well as most of my blogs, and several other sites I maintained. It is my new reality. I quickly moved my URL’s to a site hosted by a site I used to work at back in the day at TalkSpot.com which has been turned to a free website hosting site, so I still had a website.

I will begin posting new blogs in the next few days. I have been busy with school, but that is not why I have not been blogging. The main reason I got away from it is because I felt I need to get away from blogging because it seemed all I was doing was acting like the right wing talk talents that have to find always have some target to bitch about. That is not the kind of person I am. It is not why I blog.

To be honest, part of the issue is that I allowed someone I respected (I intentionally used PAST TENSE there) to get under my skin. He was pissed I refused to bend to his will and kiss his ass, so he insulted me in from of some former co-workers because I used to share my adventures with you here on my old site. He acted like a high school bully picking on the geeks and unpopular kids. While I blew it off at the time, it stuck in the back of my head. Once I got sick, then disabled, and finally homeless, I promised myself I would show him and all the other morons out there I could do that type of broadcasting too.

I am not ashamed of what I did on the blog, or on my show(s) I did back on BlogTalkRadio.com, but that is not the type of broadcasting I choose to do. I can be another conservative talking head, but I prefer to entertain, not lecture, not just go along so I can be on TV. I spoke my mind back then, and I truly believe what I said back then.

This will be different, but don’t get it twisted. I will still talk about the things that catch my attention. I will talk about the political things that are shaping our future. The difference is, I will be more me when I do it. I will be the sarcastic, smartass, quick witted,  and foul mouthed person you all know and love AGAIN! I’m not saying that if a topic is serious I won’t talk about it, but it will not be the only thing that I will do.

I’m still setting up the site, so you will see new material added little by little. I’ve got to add all my ads, and intergrate more of my social media, but I’m starting. Thanks for reading.