As things continue to progress in Washington, DC and across the country there are several obvious signs that show a well planned movement to obstruct and retard the progress of the new administration. This plan is multi-faceted  and includes congressional democrats causing as much gridlock as possible on every possible front, taking the administration to court whenever the option presents itself, and protesting every person, event, or cause that could help things move forward.

To be bluntly honest, it’s hard not to notice what is going on. This effort is not only well planned, but also has amazing MSM news coverage. In fact, it seems some of the news teams are there before the “unplanned, spontaneous demonstrations” happen. While this plan can get bodies to the picket lines, the sad truth is it has been proven over and over again that the people protesting have no idea of why they are there. When pressed by both counter protesters and journalist about why they are there most can only spew that “Trump is a (insert the fear mongering term here)…..” but can’t give an example proving the point, or why they have that opinion of our president.

You see the same thing on social media from liberal politicians and pundits from local office holders to members of congress that float left leaning news stories, memes about the new administration that make world word II propaganda posters look like a children’s storybook, and sharing unverifiable “facts” by liberal pundits and celebrities that show a true hatred for President Trump or anyone associated with him.

Now, in true “Chicago Way” fashion, this well orchestrated plan is now trying to hurt the family of their true target by putting pressure on businesses to stop doing business with anyone associated with Trump. Ivanka Trump’s clothing line has been pulled by several national chains, for example. President Trump was chastised for tweeting about this. Kellyanne Conway was “counseled” after saying people should buy Ivanka’s brand online during an interview on Fox And Friends.The goal (in my humble opinion) is to tick off President Trump so he will do something rash and impulsive because they are messing with the success of his kids. They are praying for something they can attempt to impeach him with because the left has been saying since before he got into office he would not last 6 months.

The sad part is, there are people that will come to the conclusion that I am defending Trump in this piece and the one I wrote before it. That is not the case. I am trying to look at the president’s actions objectively. I am also looking at the childish, petty, divisive, destructive and obstructionist actions of the people that are working against him. I am also looking objectively at the results of both sides.

While all this organizing is being done on the left to disrupt in every possible way, the opinion polls they point to as reason for their actions are shifting away from them. Recent polls show Trump’s favorability rising, that people feel the media is not covering him objectively or fairly, and that his policies are what the majority of americans want.

While the liberals were able to find judges willing to throw a wrench in the wheels of his travel restrictions executive order, it is what the voters asked for when they put him in office. He is not a meek politician. He is someone that is used to having to adapt and improvise. So are the people he has placed around him. Trump has proven over and over during the campaign that he learns from mistakes. While some would point to his tweets and say not really, the fact is he has toned things down, and people (outside the MSM and liberals) expect him to speak his mind. I expect a new executive order with the things the judges objected to defined and revised so it cannot be used as an excuse anymore.

The new wrinkle is that protesters are showing up at conservative congress member’s local town hall meeting and disrupting them. Again, organizing a well laid plan by professional organizers attempting to intimidate politicians into backing off of Trump’s agenda. You may not have noticed this, but these events are having the opposite of the intended effect. The politicians are engaging the protesters. Again, as stated above, the protesters have no real grasp of the issues so it usually become them calling the politician a (insert fear mongering tems here) and inciting the rest of the crowd to disrupt the event.

Here’s why this plan is backfiring. It was expected. When the demonstrations started on election night it was clear that a contingency plan was in place in the event of a democratic worst case scenario. The more this plan unfolds, the more I am reminded of the old tale of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. The effectiveness of these constant disruptions, the never ending protests, and constant social media barrage becomes less every new volley that is sent. For many, the sight of another attempt to disrupt is met with an eyeroll and an under breath “when will they learn.”

My mom constantly reminded me as a kid to pick my battles. That means to me that I had to decide when I needed to stick to my principles because what was being done had to be corrected, or when the better part of valor was to let this one slide because it was not a life altering event. Today’s liberals seem to consider every single thing a life altering event that they must stop at all costs. Isn’t there a name for that? I think it was named after an old knight with  a penchant for windmills.

Maybe liberals are too close to this situation to see their current behavior will hurt their ability to garner support from the majority of Americans in the future. The current plan is to cause gridlock by disruption, then hope they can use the gridlock to their advantage in 2018 and 2020. There is a fundamental flaw in that idea. Voters can clearly see that you are the ones slowing things down. The message your actions are sending says “If we’re not running the show, then nothing gets done.” It may not be the desired message, but that’s what you’re doing.

While you are trying to stop everything, you are failing at that. Every cabinet member has been approved by the senate that has been put up for a vote. Government moves on without you when you refuse to engage. The people’s work is being conducted, albeit slowly, even with every delay, obstruction, and stall tactic thrown in the way. Again, your actions show you and your movement looks to be a hinderance, not a healthy party to the process. The sad thing is that if liberals spent as much time and effort to help fix America’s problems our entire country would be better for it.

America needs to learn what it means to agree to disagree. Politicians need to learn the difference between election mode, and governing mode. Things will never get better if politicians are always more concerned about getting reelected instead of doing what is needed to fix the issues facing our country.

Liberals need to let reality sink in. What you’ve done in the past no longer works. The name calling, the fear mongering, the republicans are the devil, and all the entitlements have gotten you here. Organizing protests, disrupting whenever possible, and being against something just to be contrary is not working. Voters told you this loudly on November 8th, but it seems you missed that memo. Time to get with the rest of the country to start working together to do what is best for America, or you will get left behind come next election cycle.


I’ve tried for  many weeks to stay out of the political fray on both social media and on my show. It has become increasingly more difficult. I have on a few occasions felt the need to address something as it was happening on my show, but it has become time for me to explain where I stand when it comes to the current political climate. This is not me endorsing or chastising anyone or anything. Please understand, I really hoped things would not devolve to the level that this would be needed. but circumstances have forced my hand.

First, let me talk about what seems to be a concerted effort by many to “wage war” because the presidential election did not end as they had expected. While I applaud their drive to become engaged in the political process, I must point out that the time to become actively involved was before and up to election day. The actions of these activist since election day in November has only driven a larger wedge between factions on the ends of the political spectrum, and have made it where most of the moderate people that usually build a coalitions fearful of engaging with either side.

Many of the successes the people behind this #resist movement tout, events like the recent women’s actually show that while they can gather large crowds to shout about Trump, there is no real unified cause. The truth is while many people attended this series of events, reports from these protests seemed to echo the same sentiment. The attendees seemed to be angry about something, but not exactly sure at what except that Trump was going to take us back to pre-civil war humans rights. While this sounds scary, not one person could point to a verifiable piece of evidence to support their allegations. When pushed to prove the issues they have with Trump the protesters say “It’s what he has said” but can’t give specific instances of Trump actually saying he would do anything they are convinced he is planning. While celebrities spouted their hatred of our new president the throngs cheered. While the crowds chanted words you wouldn’t say in polite company, others destroyed property and set a limo on fire.

Then there are the series of the long planned protests against whoever became President Trump’s nominee to The Supreme Court. This event highlighted the pre-planning of disruption by having posters printed lacking a name of a nominee so it could be written in with a sharpie once it was announced. This group didn’t care who it was that was the nominee, all they knew was that person had to be rejected. Rejecting based on the fact it wasn’t their choice to make, not on the person’s experience, positions, or qualifications.

Democrats in the Senate promised to attempt to derail this nomination a week before anyone knew who that would be. Is that doing the work they were sent to congress to perform on behalf of their state? Isn’t their job to interview this nominee, debate his fitness to hold the office, and then vote on his ability to do the job. The fact that the last nominee of the former administration was not allow to go through the process by the last congress is not the fault or was controlled by anything President Trump has done. I don’t care if they used the “Biden Rule” or not. This behavior is the same partisan game playing that has angered the electorate and has created the nightmare these people find themselves in.

The same goes for the behavior exhibited during the confirmation process for the members of President Trump’s cabinet nominees. While some may applaud the disruptions to the approval process, the fact is again these people are too stuck looking at the old partisan playbook. Every time I hear the justification that “they did it last time’ I shake my head because it will not appease the people who voted Trump and a Republican congress into office. In fact, if the same old partisan games continue to be played, the next congressional election cycle could be disastrous for the troublemakers.

I feel I need to explain, I am not saying liberal activist and politicians should just roll over and allow everything to happen. However, there is a big difference between healthy debate that explores the different values and points of view of the many intelligent people involved here, and the staged events, disruption to show the administration they can. as well as stoking unsubstantiated hysteria all because your party is not in control.

This hysteria is being driven by many different factors. Two of the most dominate sources feeding this growing problem comes from social media and certain media outlets that seem to overreact to every step the current administration makes. Now, this is also fed by what I like to call the “tin foil hat” sites that see a conspiracy behind every move. The only difference is that now the left wing sites in this category are actively spinning anti-Trump propaganda instead of the right wing sites that did it with anti-Obama site. This feeds social media paranoia as the articles quickly becomes viral and read by millions without any true verification. People see something that confirms their biases and it becomes fact for many without any further validation. I can’t tell you how many times over the past 2 years I’ve had someone tell me a “fact” they saw on social media (sometimes from main stream media) which forces me to pull up the true facts of the situation so I can enlighten them.

To be honest, like every other first term president, Trump has had his moments since he’s been in office. Part of the issue is that Trump is a completely different personality from almost every past president in the past 50 years or more. He is brash. He says what he thinks, sometimes without thinking through the consequences. He deals with world leaders in a more direct manner than anyone is accustomed to. He has set out to do what he promised, and seems determined to move as quickly as possible. He also has an ego, and is not afraid to attempt to make light of a situation. This is evident in the action of him asking people attending the National Prayer Breakfast when he asked them to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger since his rating as the president’s replacement on The Apprentice TV Show. It was meant as a joke, but the press and even Arnold took exception at this levity.

I pointed out back in 2009 when people were critical of President Obama’s missteps as he took office that it is just growing pains of taking the most powerful job in the free world. I mention this to say I have been consistent in saying that first term presidents need to adjust to the new job. There will be missteps. He and his administration will screw up. Trying to destroy them because of this is a partisan game I believe the electorate will react to negatively.

I’ve said on my show that the liberals need to do an honest review of the factors that caused them to lose the presidency, as well as more ground in congress. Without this review, then an adjustment to compensate for their failures will be detrimental to future success at the ballot box. Playing the partisan games they’ve always played because “That’s how it is done.” without adjusting their platform, tactics, and approach to be more in sync with the electorate will only dig a deeper hole.

We all know the popular vote argument is invalid. If liberals had a true grasp on what the electorate truly wants they would have control of one, or both houses of congress since Trump won. It was a change election, but it was more than that. It was “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!” change election. Until liberals allow that reality to set in, realize that people want them to stick to their principals but be willing to look past partisan games to do the people’s work, they will continue to be a part of the problem. Voters will continue to speak at the ballot box until this message is received and things really change.



So this message will take some time to complete. There will be way too many links to complete this quickly. I’ve been editing this in my head for almost  week. I want to say upfront that the reason I decided to write this is because I want to document what I see going on.


I actually began writing this on October 15th, but the information has changed several times since, so I am updating it in hopes of releasing it this morning. I’m going to break this down by several topic areas to make it a little easier to digest. Please feel free to make comments on my Facebook page as this will be posted there.


Hillary Clinton - Photo from

Hillary Clinton – Photo from

  • What If the renewed FBI investigation into her emails cause her to be indited? The timing of before or after she takes office if she wins is not really consequential. Either way she will politically live under a cloud for whatever amount of time she is allowed to remain in office. If she is found guilty of any of these charges she will be disqualified from holding office (via federal laws) and Tim Kaine  becomes the next president of the United States.
  • What if the FBI Investigation of The Clinton Foundation results in an indictment? Before you pull the “Well she hasn’t been indicted or convicted of anything yet” argument, realize that there is information out there that states that certain politically motivated parties in the Department of Justice have retarded the progress of a full investigation at every possible junction. Again, most of the charges would disqualify Clinton to continue to hold the office of President if she were to be found guilty.
  • What if Clinton is indicted on any charge, but then pleads it down to something that would allow her to remain in office? Would you still have faith that she is capable of performing the duties of President?
  • What if any one of the countries that supposedly gained access to her unsecured, private email server decided to use the information to blackmail Clinton? How would we know what was going on? After the Iran deal, and the Russian Uranium sale, is there anyway to tell if she would be under duress?


Donald Trump - Photo from

Donald Trump – Photo from

  • What if even one of the women that has come forward after the Access Hollywood tape and his denials of wrongdoing could actually prove they were molested by Mr. Trump in some way? Did the group coming forward after such an obvious attempt to derail Trump’s campaign skew their chances of being believed? Did Jessica Drake’s attempt to cash in on her claims by launching a sex toy and sex advice website just hours before making her claims discredit her? Would any verification impede his ability to work as President? Would this irreparably damage his reputation domestically or internationally?
  • What if Trump is found liable in the civil suit against Trump University? He will be forced to pay damages if the case is won, but would that affect his ability to perform his duties as president? Is it possible that the plaintiffs in this suit were not successful due to conditions beyond Trump’s control. Did Trump make some written or verbal guarantee that every student who used his strategies be successful?
  • What if Trump is sued again by the woman who has tried twice before seeking damages from an alleged rape in 1994? The California suit was dismissed by a judge, and she withdrew a suit filed for her in New York because of alleged threats being made against her. This case has no physical evidence. The only evidence mentioned is her statements and a statement from one of her friends. Again, this is a civil matter so Trump would only face fines if the courts find the case has merit and damages are awarded.
  • What if the recent accusations levelled by the Wall Street Journal that Trump had an extramarital affair with 1998 Playboy Playmate Of The Year Karen McDougal in 2006 are proven true? While it is while he was married to his current wife, Melania it does not have any bearing on his ability to be president. The story is actually that supposedly the parent company of The National Enquirer paid Ms. McDougal $150K for the story and then decided not to publish it. The publishers claim that they paid her to do a column and to do some cover pictures. Ms. McDougal refuses to comment, and Trump’s camp denies that the information is accurate.


  • What if all the talk about how Trump has a “very narrow path” or that the “election is already over” implying Clinton has won has the opposite of the desired effect? This is a ploy to attempt to discourage Trump voters from wasting their time by going out and voting. I have said from the beginning that the majority of pundits out there in the MSM do not grasp the anger of the electorate. Media and many campaigners are ignoring the fact that Trump has become a viable candidate because voters are fed up with the constant arguing and nothing getting done. The likely backfire is that this language will only inflame the people Trump needs at the polls on Tuesday, while simultaneously impeding the voters Clinton needs due to the fact media is repeatedly spouting off how this is over and Hillary is our next President. Millennials and African-Americans are already unenthused about this election, having CNN, MSNBC, and Broadcast News Outlets constantly saying it’s a done deal gives them the push to need to stay home.
  • What if all the anti-Trump coverage has turned voters off to the outlets that continue to skew their coverage in favor of Clinton?


  • What if the information that has been released thus far about the DNC, Clinton’s Campaign, The Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s Emails were furnished to Wikileaks by people working within these organizations that could no longer sit by and watch the bad behavior and illegal activities. Think about this for a second, they can’t find one member of Anonymous, haven’t tracked one person that recently disrupted internet traffic across the country, but they know the Russians are feeding Wikileaks? Recent articles say they are pretty sure it isn’t.
  • What if it is proven that the information provided is accurate and unchanged from when it was on the original servers? Does it change your perception of how fair elections are run? Should the collusion and subterfuge used to attempt to gain any possible advantage over an opponent cry out for major reform in the entire election process?

As it seems to happen as I wrap up a semester at UNO, I attempt to catch up on the things I push aside to focus on my studies. I actually had the largest schedule that I have attempted this past semester, and I have for the first time since beginning classes in the Fall of 2012 achieved a 3.0 GPA this semester. I am proud of the results but was concerned for much of the time I had taken on too heavy a class load.

political circus

The political circus both statewide and nationally has caused me to drop back from blogging for a while. I didn’t want to become just another blogger spewing the obvious day after day just to fill space on a website or make a new social media post.

I did engage a little on the Louisiana Politics page on Facebook during the Louisiana Governor’s primary and runoff, but tried to stay away from the name calling and finger pointing that seems have overtaken debate and civil discourse in politics these days. While we all await to see if Governor Elect Jon Bell Edwards will live up to his campaign promises, the biggest concern is how do we right the sinking state financial woes. I keep seeing certain “conservative” blogs trying to rip apart each of his decisions, but I am still slightly optimistic that Edwards will at least attempt to do something. I will be one of the first people trying to hold his feet to the fire if he starts to become another party line toting hack.


As far as the 2016 Presidential race, I still watch in amazement as the GOP seems to be pulling itself apart trying to convince themselves that there is no way Donald Trump can win the nomination, much less stop the coronation of Queen Hillary in the general election. The MSM still eats up every gesture or word spoken by The Donald, which of course only feeds his continued rise in the polls.

Our world has changed again as the evil of terrorism has not only reached out to show that it is not contained to one place or continent, but to defy those who have tried to beat it into submission. While the horrible killings in California have not been linked yet to direct orders from ISIS, it shows a new deplorable phenomenon that continues to grow and fester. There are too many young adults in our country that are so disgruntled with the hand life has dealt them that they see the violent and extreme mantra of these terrorist movements as an attractive alternative to their current situation.


One of the issues that I hear repeatedly bemoaned is that the current generation has never learned the “value of life” and have lost “respect for everything” which is taking the easy way out. Another reason used for the senseless violence, disregard for others, and callous behavior of this generation has been the lack of family values, the broken homes where many have been raised, and their lack of a good Christian upbringing. This again is only part of the issue and does not get at the true root of the problem.

In my opinion, the reason that you see so many young adults with no respect for anyone or anything, that see the message of groups like ISIS appealing, and have no drive to succeed starts with the lack of responsibility given to this generation when they were children. Many were not taught the value of paying your dues to get where you want to go. Having sat in classes with this generation, I can tell you that some think they will walk into a job and be the CEO. Many were never held responsible for bad grades, unruly behavior, or doing anything wrong. Our politically correct society has made it damn near impossible to correct a child for anything. I know people who actually believe putting a child on their knees (for any length of time) is abusive behavior. I know children from this generation that have sited any form of corporal punishment as child abuse and resent their parents for attempting to correct them in any fashion as children.


I am not saying this entire generation is lost, however there are some in this group that think having to work to become a productive member of the society is overrated. They actually think reality TV is how their life should be. They should be famous, have it all handed to them, and when that doesn’t happen, their world crumbles around them. Everyone dreams of being a rock star, but only a small group of people will ever truly get to that status. The ones that do spends years paying their dues, working hard, and start at the bottom like everyone else.

While I agree that instilling values start at home, another part of this is making sure we show our children that they have to set and attain reasonable goals in life. It is never a bad thing to have a dream, but you can’t expect it to fall in your lap. While we want our kids to have better than we did, we have to also prepare them to become productive and successful adults when they leave home. That starts with giving them chores, showing them that there are consequences for unacceptable behavior, and even showing them how to budget as they get older. Too many kids are given everything until they move out of the house and find out the hard way that their parent(s) have been doing much more than “bitching all the time.”


I’m going to jump off the soapbox for the night. There are several other angles of this I could cover, but to me this is the most important. Until we face the fact we need to instill values in our children, we will continue to be disappointed in the adults they become.

I will attempt to write more in the next day or two.


It is a strange thing when events don’t go to plan. I mean, come on, we have all had it happen. You plan it all out, you make all the preparations, and then when it is suppose to happen, it all goes to hell. It has become a repetitive footnote in the story of my life. As they so aptly reveal in the movie Rocky Balboa, “But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward.” For me, that has become a reputation for being persistent. In life, it is not just about the successes, but about how well you can make the lemonade.


I’ve said repeatedly that politics has become a battle of the lowest common denominator. Politicians has forgotten that once the election is over, it is time to buckle down, compromise, and do what is in the best interest of this country. Both political parties have forgotten the message that continues to be sent by the people that have voted them into office. We don’t like what you are doing. Stop the political grandstanding, and do the work we sent you to your office to do for us.

Instead of campaigning on issues, and working for consensus, politicians (from local to federal) dig into their opponents background, try to catch them say or do something stupid, and then destroy that opponent in the media and with negative ads from their campaign as well as the political action committee that is backing them. In the end, the worst politician that was able to hide their skeletons the most is ushered into office by attrition. Voters have begged for this style of politics to be put aside and for all to take the higher road, meaning face the issues, fix the problems, and do what is best for us all. That is not happening.


This frustration led to the Tea Party movement. It lead to many people that would have never dreamed of getting into politics to hit the campaign trail and take down the career politicians that continue to ignore the people that elected them to represent us. It is my humble opinion that frustration has caused the current issue that the main stream media cannot seem to wrap it’s head around.

Donald Trump claims he decided to run for president because he did not see how any of the other 15 announced republican candidates had a shot of stopping the appearant democratic coronation of Hillary Clinton. He started the campaign off by being the same guy we have seen for years. He shot from the hip. He told it like it was, and he went completely against the established decorum for being a national politician.

In the weeks since that announcement, the democratic nominees (yes, there are more than just HRC) have said he is the worst thing to happen to this campaign season. The 15 other republican nominees have tried to  trash, belittle, insult, and outright shun Trump as every turn. The mainstream media has taken glee in reporting every supposed misstep Trump takes. In some cases, exaggerating the truth of what was said or done, in others picking on other candidates attempting to force them to condemn The Donald’s actions in an attempt to force Trump to give up this silly notion of becoming president, and go back to his meager life running his multi-million dollar empire.


I’ve been trying to stay away from the coverage of all this, but over and over again it keeps getting laid out before me. It’s not just the usual suspects, like MSNBC, CNN, or the Broadcast Networks, but I even saw poor Rick Santorum have to spend a majority of his time on Fox News Channel’s Special Report yesterday condemning Trump and (I am cringing) defending John McCain being a war hero. This afternoon I was watching our local news and NBC Nightly News and they went to a 4 reporter TEAM COVERAGE of The Donald deciding to hand out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number during a speech in Graham’s home state of SC. Let me pose this question. Is it bad that Trump gave that number to a few hundred people in Graham’s home state during a speech, or that the national media keep giving it out playing the clip dissecting it like the Zapruder film??

No matter the network, the question remains the same. Why won’t this campaign die? To be honest, I can understand the confusion. They have used far less ammunition to take political novices before. I mean c’mon, Ross Perot was supposedly the toughest billionaire politician ever and they got to him. He told off a war hero. He gave out a politician’s phone number to his constituents. He called undocumented workers in American bad names! He should be tar, feathered, and driven from the public eye, right???


Now, the lid gets blown off the whole system when poll after poll shows The Donald is leading every other republican candidate by over 10% points. How the hell did that happen? This is not the carefully laid plans that have been crafted for this political cycle. This man is “taking all the oxygen out of the room” to the point that major politicians are ignored when they announce their candidacy in favor of complaining about Trump. Even the newspapers are trying to be relevant by demanding Trump take his millions and go home. Of course, the spin doctors quickly yell “flash in the pan” or “it won’t last” or my favorite “polls change” because they don’t want to honestly discuss the truth behind this phenomenon. The truth is, this is their fault.

Don’t get it twisted, I am not putting a Trump for President sign in my yard anytime soon. Donald Trump leading all polls is not a great thing, it is the outcome of years of politicians using the lowest common denominator to get into office. It is the byproduct of 24/7/365 campaigning instead of using the 3 (or 5 if a US Senator) years you are not running for office to fix problems and put politics aside. To put it plainly, Trump has gotten this far because far too many voters are sick and tired of political correctness, political infighting, and no one in political office listening.


Is Trump “The One” that can finally fix all that is wrong with America? Not by himself, but he can become the start of something that has been needed for many years in politics in this country. His brash behavior, real world experience, and his ability to defy what is considered as the status quo in politics may become the blueprint for real improvement. Hopefully there are a few other politicians out there that will take a queue from Trump, and decide to do what is best for all of us instead of what is best for their party or pocketbook.


First, let me say that my thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by Tropical Storm Bill. I know it is not a Category 5 Hurricane, but the path Bill is taking is one that has already had a ton of recent rainfall, so this system will only complicate the already bad situation. Hopefully the system will be out of the area soon and they will get some time for things to dry out.


The big political news today is that Donald Trump is now officially a Republican candidate for president. Media pundits have already tried to pull him apart. I love the fact that the first thing they attack is he doesn’t have a speech writing team polishing everything he says. He is brash, loud, and making suggestions the talking heads have immediately discounted as completely impossible to achieve. While they feel this is a joke, or a publicity stunt (HELLO, this is DONALD TRUMP! He has no NEED for MORE publicity!), or my favorite media insight, “He’s doing this because he is bored.” 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I honestly think that if he takes this seriously and actually wins the nomination, then then the presidency that it would be a matter of days after he took office before a giant flashing Trump sign would adorn The White House’s front lawn. Is he really making a run? Who the hell knows, but it should make the next several month of politics entertaining to say the least.


Here’s an idea, if he gets weeded out of the Republican nomination process, will he pull a Ross Perot and finance a run as an independent? He has the one thing Perot didn’t, great name recognition nationwide.He could really flip the script on the entire process.

To all these high strung talking heads, I can only say you really need to strap in for the long haul. I am not an expert in presidential politics, but my gut tells me this has happened because Trump did not see anyone else in the field he felt could disrupt the democratic coronation of Hillary. I honestly think he will be in this until the election no matter if he gets the Republican nomination or not, for that one reason alone. Obama’s policies have made Trump lose money, and The Donald is not going to sit by and let things get worse just to allow us to be graced with the first woman president in the United States.


Got to watch some more of the events from E3 which is going on all week in Los Angeles. I am a gamer, have been since I was a kid. I remember playing pong on that first generation console as a kid. I had the Atari and bought a new game every time I could save the money. Bought my first NES not too long after I moved into my own place, and Brunella bought me the Super Nintendo the Christmas after it came out. I mention all this to tell you my interest in the upcoming releases is not something new, nor is it me trying to gain cool points with my teenagers.


This is our 3rd year geeking out on the week of E3. We don’t watch every showcase from every provider, but the makers of Logan, Lia, and my favorite games are a  can’t miss. I’ve already explained our obsession with Bethesda Softworks (Makers or DOOM, Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, and Fallout).

three-seconds-of-doom-shown-in-t skyrim-soundtrack-1600x1600-1359653369 dishonored-protagonist-wallpaper img_7035


We also have the complete game/movie collection of Hitman. Another favorite of the whole family is Assassin’s Creed, which Logan and I have each individually played the entire story mode of every release. Logan goes more for straight up kamikaze (blow up everything). I go for the more subtle sneak in and only take out the ones in the way approach.

404263-hitmancover ACS_Box_art_20150512_1830cet-720x903


We have watched these presentations with glee as they are either releasing higher resolution versions of our favorite games for PS4, XBox One, and PC, or Like with Fallout, Hitman, DOOM, and Elder Scrolls; they are expanding their online gaming platforms and bringing whole new experiences to us soon. I know Logan wants a PS4 for Christmas, but Fallout 4 is coming in October. I am not sure if I can wait that long to play it.